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Season 2 is the second major plotline in Vindictus.

Prior to RISE content, Instead of being a direct continuation of Season 1, it was considered as more of a "what if?" scenario, where player saw the major plot of Season 1 from a different angle and place (the story, however, goes parallel with Season 1 story). The player character had a choice which Season to pursue: to battle alongside mercenaries as the Crimson Blade Mercenaries, or to become a treasure hunter known as the Coffer Chaser.

After implementation of RISE content, the story of Season 1 and Season 2 have become interconnected. After events of Season 1, an unforeseen force sends the mercenary back in time in order to see another side of destiny.

In Season 2, the player joins the Coffer Chasers Guild in Malina instead of the Crimson Blades in Colhen. It begins with being initiated into the Coffer Chasers and ends with Cromm Cruaich attempting to take control of the successor to the King of Erinn.

Complete Season Summary[ | ]

Episode 1: Coffer Chasers[ | ]

Part 1: Prologue

After the Epilogue of the Season 1, the Rookie is left distraught by his failure to save both Keaghan and Tieve. After being comforted by Seanna and offered to have some sleep, he goes inside one of the Colhen Inn's rooms, where he falls asleep.

The Rookie finds himself in a strange place, separated from real world, and then hears a strange voice, telling him that destiny cannot be changed. However, it also tells the mercenary that he knows only half the truth and goads him into taking a look at another side of destiny. Meeting with apparitions of his friends and comrades, he meets an apparition of Tieve who guides him to the passage, leading to "another side of destiny". She warns the Rookie that this passage will return him back to the past, but he won't be able to change the events that already happened. Taking to heart the choice of not repeating the same choices, he walks through the passage, as it crumbles and the whole space explodes into nothingness.

The Rookie wakes up back at the Colhen Inn and is shocked to stumble upon Tieve, alive and well. Both Tieve and Ernmass show signs of barely knowing the merc, only for his achievement of defeating the Gnoll Chieftain and reaching the Veteran rank in the Crimson Blades. The voice speaks again, tasking the mercenary to travel to Malina and search for the Destiny Stone. Hearing the merc mumbling about Malina, Ernmass points him to Shayla at the Forge, who was once a member of the Coffer Chasers Guild in the past. Knowing well of the merc's feat of defeating the Gnoll Chieftain, the treasure hunter offers him to join the Coffer Chasers Guild in Malina. Goaded by the voice again, the merc agrees and Shayla hands him the recommendation letter, a bundle of Gold Leathers and the commission for the guild.


The Rookie travels to Malina's Coffer Chasers Guild, where he's stumbles upon the argument between the leader of the Coffer Chasers, the middle-aged man called Tristan, the timid man Asher, and the young blonde kid, Milo. The boy wants to join the guild, but the leader refuses as Milo's elder sister, Allysse, restricted him to due to how dangerous their work is. They don't notice the newcomer until they're stopped by the girl, Esyllt. Receiving the recommendation letter, the leathers and the commission, that tasks the guild with obtaining the magic tools from the death chief in the Crescent Moon Island. Tristan prepares to hand this task over to the Rookie as a test, but Milo snatches the commission from his hands and flees the guild. Believing that no one would let the boy ride the boat to the island, Tristan tells the merc to unload his baggage at the White Whale Inn, whose manager is Allysse, and tell her about her brother's shortcomings.

The Rookie arrives at the White Whale Inn, where he finds Allysse looking for her young brother. When he tells her of what Milo has done, Allysse becomes angry and shouts for Milo, her shout engulfing the room, startling the mercenary. Allysse then goes outside to look for her brother, as the mercenary unpacks his belongings in a prepared room.

Back at the guild, Tristan formally introduces himself as the leader of the Coffer Chasers's Malina branch and tasks the merc with obtaining the weapon of the jungle troll, the Earthshaker Zaka, as a test, killing two birds with a single stone: completing the task would fulfill the commission from the Magician's Guild and it would also be one step towards their original commission.

Within the lush jungles of the Crescent Moon Island, the merc manages to find the jungle troll wielding the earthquake-generating weapon and defeat it in battle. He then meets the robed Milo, introducing himself as Miller. He then takes the weapon from the mercenary and as he begins to inspect it, his hands trace around the markings by the side of the weapon's handle, causing the weapon to break. Miller, noticing the merc's angry look, apologizes in panic and asks to meet him at the Magic Shack on the edge of Malina.

Back at the Coffer Chasers Guild, Tristan reprimands the Rookie for bringing him the broken weapon and the failed commission as a result. The merc is sent away to rest, as Tristan thinks of how to deal with the caused mess, along with thinking of a new test.


At the Magic Shack, the Rookie meets the wanna-be magician Enzo and Milo (who still wears the robe and pretends to be Miller), who wants a new disguise. After an awkward event of Milo hiding from his elder sister, who's still looking for him, Enzo tasks the merc to deliver a set of items to the townsfolk of Malina, thinking this to be the best way to get acquainted with the locals. The merc delivers the items and meets new people in the process: the grumpy constable, Finnec; Enzo's captive lizardman assistant, Lazkum; the owner of the local bar, Simone; the owner of the General Shop, Emma; the blacksmith Turhan (along with his daughter, Cennet), and the town's chief Errol (along with his wife, Old Meb).

Back at the shack, Milo (Miller) apologizes again and Enzo hands the merc the Divine Blessing Stone for his troubles. Allysse chimes in (Milo hides again), informing the mercenary of the new commision to the Crescent Moon Island. Miller leaves for the island, while the merc returns to the guild to receive information on the new commission.

Believing that the commission for the death chief's magic tools isn't to be entrusted to the newcomer, Tristan tasks the merc with distracting the powerful trapper troll, Legtrap Kaula and her trained giant wasp Blackwing, as he will make a dash to the troll chieftain. Esyllt formally introduces herself as Tristan's assistant (and Asher being a comic relief). Both wonder how Milo manages to travel back and forth between the island and Malina.

The merc manages to provide enough distraction for Tristan to leave for the death chief as he defeats Legtrap Kaula. Milo arrives and introduces his companion, a tall jungle troll Deniz. It is revealed, that the jungle trolls were once a single tribe, until they were split into opposing factions, when the Deathchief Kielu violated the taboos of the tribe and attempted to control their local patron god, the giant snake Lakoria, at which she succeeded. The opposing faction has been annihilated, Deniz being one of the survivors. As they return back to the Coffer Chasers Guild, they notice that Tristan hasn't come back. Fearing the worst, Milo and the merc rush back to the Crescent Moon Island and reach the giant snake altar, where they face off against the current chieftess of the tribe, Deathchief Kielu.

The party manages to defeat the chieftess and put an end to the tribal dispute, allowing Deniz to return to her tribe. As a gratitute, the jungle troll hands them the requested magic tools. Milo notices a portsigar laying on the ground, inside which was a note left by Tristan. In the note, Tristan tells of a human vessel full of riches, that arrived to the Crescent Moon Island, but abruptly left after the scuffle with Kielu's tribe. The vessel sank somewhere in the sea and Tristan begins his quest for claiming the riches and points to the vessel being located in the "storm".

Back at the Malina, Esyllt and Asher read the note and are visibly angry. Milo (still robed) tries to calm them down and Esyllt takes the robe off him. Allysse arrives and takes Milo away, and Esyllt asks the merc to deliver the magic tools to Shayla, in case it may provide clues to finding Tristan.


Part 2: Searching for Tristan

The Rookie returns back to Colhen and delivers the magic tool to Shayla, that comments on how the staff has been corroded by the seawater. Taking on another errand, he goes to the Magic Laboratory, where Brynn is occupied by the experiments. His work is briefly interrupted by an arrival of two people: a well-dressed man, who is identified to be a royal knight, and the robed woman. The pair asks for directions to the Royal Army, but are sent away.

Back at the Forge, Shayla introduces the merc to the pair he met earlier. The man introduces himself as Kean. The woman attempts to introduce herself as well, but is interrupted by the knight. The pair wants to make a commission, relating it to the magic tool the merc found in the Crescent Moon Island. The specifics of the commission aren't told, as Kean plans to tell of its contents once they arrive to the Coffer Chasers Guild in Malina. Kean, the Rookie and the woman then set sail to Malina.

The party heads out to the White Whale Inn in Malina, where Milo attempts to escape from Allysse, but fails (again). Kean reserves a single room for the robed woman, then goes to the Coffer Chasers Guild to discuss his commission. Hearing this, Milo attempts to follow, but Allysse cuts off his escape.

At the Guild, Asher and Esyllt are still worried about their missing leader. Kean then provides the duo with the commission , which is seemingly related to the place where Tristan left to. He tells that one of the kingdom's ships has lost contact in the vicinity of the Crescent Moon Island. The ship's sole survivor, found a few days after the incident, tells of how they were forced to turn back after the jungle troll's attack and head towards the place no captain would never venture. In there, the ship hit the rocks after hearing a mysterious voice, and the man found himself in the Ship Graveyard, a place where the dead walk about and the enchanting voices of the rumoured Sirens are heard. The commission is to find the lost ship and retrieve the cargo inside. When questioned about the cargo's contents, Kean relays a rumour that the "stone that creates miracles" is on board, possibly referencing the Destiny Stone.

The mercenary gathers information from the local townsfolk and learns that they can find the Ship Graveyard only during the storm season. Armed with that knowledge, he sets sail to the Ship Graveyard, where he pits himself against the undead pirates and sirens. On the ship, he finds multiple clues, leading to the whereabouts of Tristan, along with a strange gold coin. At the same time, the Milo introduces the merc to his new friend, the siren Rhea. She tells that a few months ago, Muckrot Monark, along with Rhea and other sirens, managed to sway and obtain a new ship to their collection. Among the treasures and trinkets, there was a strange blue crystal, that the sirens were fascinated with. However, this event caused a stir in the Ship Graveyard: pirates and sailors rose from the dead, the sirens went insane and began fighting over the crystal. Rhea threw the crystal out into the sea, but it didn't reverse the already inflicted effect. In their madness, the sirens stopped their singing. Rhea fears that their Devil , that is lulled to sleep by the song, will awaken the moment it stops.

Esyllt and Asher wonder about the autenticity of Kean's rank and the coin the Rookie found, so they ask the merc to ask around in Colhen. The investigation proved fruitful, as Gwynn reveals that the coin is a Royal Gold Coin, handed out to nobles and knights as a decorative item, pointing out that the ship full of those coins belongs to the Royal Family. Gwynn also tells that someone's been asking about Kean and Malina.

Back in the Ship Graveyard, the party finally finds Tristan amongst the ship rubbles, with a big pouch of royal coins. With the rescue mission complete, they return back to Malina.


Part 3: The Snake God and the Sea Devil.

Tristan and the party returns to the Coffer Chaser Guild, much to the joy of Asher and Esyllt. Kean arrives and following the commission, attempts to take the gold pouch from Tristan. He refuses, doubting the authenticity of both the commission's legibility, as well as Kean's relations to the Royal Family. The knight responds to both, by providing the authentic document with the royal seal, and donning the Royal Guard attire. Defeated, Tristan hands over the pouch, but his depression turns to surprise when Kean took one-third of the treasure and handed it over to Tristan. Kean explains this act by station, that the Royal Family has been expecting at least half of the treasure, along with the records on the actual amount, to be swallowed the depths of the sea. In the end, both Milo and the mercenary are accepted as the members of the Coffer Chasers Guild.

Tristan throws a party at the Malina Bar, where everyone from the Coffer Chasers, including Shayla and Kean, are present. As the Bar closes down, the Rookie go to the Magic Shack, as Enzo weren't present at the celebration, to hand him the wine. Soon after, Milo bursts in the shack with two letters he received from the Inn. One is from the jungle troll Deniz: "The god is angry. We will all be punished.", and the second is from Rhea: " The Devil is awake. My sisters have lost the song of slumber. ". Despite Enzo's protests, Milo persuades the mercenary to take care of both the god and the devil.

Enclosed in Deniz's letter was a note, written in the dead language, which points to the location of the jungle trolls' God's nest. Milo and the Rookie travel to the specified place, and with the support from the jungle trolls tribe, managed to lure out and defeat the serpent god, Lakoria.

Thus, the jungle trolls tribe managed to make the Crescent Moon Island theirs.


Following the second letter, putting the sea god, Kraken, to sleep requires a special song, sung by the sirens of the Ship Graveyard. However, none of them remembers the song. Returning to the White Whale Inn, the Rookie hears Allysse singing a lullaby song. When Milo asks her where she heard that song, she shows the conch shell, that the robed woman picked up from the seaside after the storm. Enzo notices that the shell contains the power to record voices, and what it has recorded is undoubtfully the sirens' song. Milo and the Rookie rush to the Ship Graveyard to relay the song to Rhea.

They don't make it in time, as the sea devil, Kraken, awakens from its slumber. The party manages to use the nearby harpoon station to incapacitate the beast and successfully lull it to sleep, allowing the remaining sirens to permanently leave the Ship Graveyard.

In the end, Rhea and the other sirens left the Ship Graveyard, their lives no longer being tied to the Devil.

The episode ends with Milo and the Rookie resting at the Inn, having completed their first mission as the official members of the Coffer Chasers.

Episode 2: Twilight Desert[ | ]

The story picks off the next day after the party at the Coffer Chasers Guild. Kean tells Milo and the Rookie that his commission has been completed only partially, as "the stone that creates miracles" hasn't been found. Consulting with Enzo at the Magic Shack, they manage to assemble the buoy and enchant it with a tracking spell, then throw the buoy into the sea.

Meanwhile, the Coffer Chasers Guild receives a letter from the rivaling Rodluvan guild branch, in which its leader, Idal, congratulates the treasure hunters for their endeavors at the Ship Graveyard. Tristan attempts to head to Rodluvan (to challenge Idal in a duel), but Esyllt and Asher manage to stop him. Kean expresses surprise at how Milo and the Rookie would use the buoy to track down the stone.

At the Magic Shack, Enzo informs the party that the tracker broke and asks to consult with more capable magicians in Colhen on the matter. Milo insists on joining, but changes his mind after being threatened by Allysse. With no choice at hand, the Rookie travels back to Colhen's Magician Laboratory, where he meets Brynn and Ellis. Knowing full well of Ellis's fate, the merc attempts to stop him, but is unable to do so, as the cadet flees in panic. Brynn expresses his inability to fix the tracking device (at the same time, slipping out that Enzo lost his wife and son) and sends the mercenary to Reilly. The old man fixes the device, but asks the Rookie to bring Ellis to him, as there's something important Reilly must tell him. The Rookie manages to catch up with Ellis as he prepares to depart to Ainle. He tries to persuade Ellis to not go, but his attempt fails once again. Praying for the young cadet's safety, the mercenary departs to Malina.


With the repaired tracker, Enzo manages to track the buoy to the Twilight Desert, the barren lands of the dead and burning sands. In there, the party encounters the tacit Grim Reaper, that hands Milo a strange relic box. The conversation is interrupted by the appearance of a blonde girl with a bird, who demands to see the box. Refusing to give up the relic, the party flees the scene.

Back at the Coffer Chasers Guild, the Coffer Chasers inspect the contents of the box and among the utensils they find a strange mask, shaped like a human face. Tristan recalls seeing something like that mask before, so he sifts through occult documents, while Milo, the Rookie and the robed woman head to the Inn. There, Allysse notices a strange smell around both Milo and the Rookie, despite the robed woman not feeling anything of the sort. Milo decides to take a rest, while the Merc is sent to the constable to be reprimanded for the unauthorized venture into the Twilight Desert. In the meantime, the captive lizardman, Lazkum, asks the Rookie if he met his kind in the desert. Members of his race were used to be slaves for the long lost kingdom until it fell to ruins. Some lizardmen escaped to the mainland, while some stayed. Before Lazkum could say anything else, Finnec cuts the conversation and sends the Rookie off.

Tristan finally figures out that the relic is known as the Death Mask, a relic that is made based on the image of the deceased, and it originates from the long lost kingdom of the Twilight Desert. Another letter from Idal arrives, which spurs anger within Tristan once again. Kean asks the Rookie to continue the search. At the Magic Shack, Enzo, also noticing the smell, wonders how Milo and the Rookie will find the blue crystal with information this scarce, but when said about the Grim Reaper, he tasks the Rookie with providing Enzo the Grim Reaper's essence so he could conjure a communion spell in order to understand the Grim Reaper's language.

As the Rookie and Milo manage to obtain the essence of the Grim Reaper, they walk to the nearby oasis, where they notice the strange woman in a red robe. The woman demands them to identify themselves, which they do. When asked about what she's doing in the desert, she replies that she seeks her beloved. Their further conversation is interrupted by the appearance of the girl with a bird, and the woman in red flees. Frustrated with her attitude, Milo and the Rookie leave.

At the Magic Shack, Enzo melts the Grim Reaper's essence as Milo and the Rookie tell him about their encounter with a robed woman. The magician denies the possibility, then casts the spell on them, that eliminates the emanating odor. The essence melts and Enzo concocts a spell that will allow Milo and the Rookie to speak to the Grim Reaper.


Milo and the Rookie reach the tacit Grim Reaper in the Twilight Desert and they're finally able establish a conversation. The Grim Reaper tells the story of the Lost Kingdom, and the tragedy that unfolded there: the king's princess fell in love with one of the royal guards, which enraged the king. The guard has been beheaded for treason, and the princess committed suicide through poison. Further inquiry from Enzo explains that the king of the Twilight Desert's kingdom has been regarded as the sun god, and the princesses were regarded as oracles. Milo feels unusually dizzy, and the magician sends him to the Inn, while the mercenary back to Colhen with the blueprints, provided by Enzo, so that the local mages could upgrade the tracker. In addition, Enzo warns the Rookie about Milo's condition and recommends to seek his help if the condition gets worse.

At Colhen, the Rookie is met with grim news: Ellis is dead. With the burdening feeling of powerlessness over inability to change the predetermined events, he asks Reilly to modify the tracker, but is sent to Brynn instead. Examining the blueprints, Brynn points out that the modified tracker will be able to track even gods. After gathering the required materials, Brynn successfully modifies the tracker.

Back at the Twilight Desert, the Rookie and Milo once again meet the mysterious woman, who introduces herself as Iset. She is revealed to be both the princess and the oracle, that died long ago, and what she seeks is her beloved guard, Havan. Before she could say more, the talk is once again interrupted by the girl with the bird. Iset runs away, but not before mentioning about "the Head Priest". Milo believes that girl to be Idal, but she quickly disproves that, revealing that Idal is a man (however, she is suggested to be a fellow Coffer Chaser). She then tells the Rookie and Milo that Iset was resurrected all of a sudden and poses danger for the living.


The Coffer Chasers Guild in Malina is visited by the leader of the Coffer Chasers' Rodluvan branch, Idal. As Asher and Esyllt struggle to keep Tristan from attacking, Idal reveals he retired from being a Coffer Chaser, and is only in charge of managing the guild's affairs. More than that, he is sent on the request from the kingdom to retrieve the holy artifacts that were lost on the sunken ship. The guild master requires cooperation with the Malina branch, as they've sighted one of the Coffer Chasers, Solair, wandering the territory of the Twilight Desert, where the artifacts are supposed to be hidden. Kean demands the authenticity of his words, which Idal provides. The conversation ends abruptly when, learning that Kean also is on the direct request from the royal king, Idal expresses disbelief, as Kean "is only the Royal Guard", which infuriates Kean.

Milo and the Rookie travel back to the Twilight Desert, fighting the mummified soldiers led by Commander Ikrium, and encounter Iset within one of the tombs. She tells that originally the Lost Kingdom has been on the surface, where the sun shone every day, and her people, being descendants of the sun god, received blessings and strength from the sun. But her father, the king, proclaimed himself as the only sun and constructed the underground city, dooming people to extinction as they were led under the ground, where the sun wouldn't reach. Iset pleaded her father to reconsider, but the negotiations ended in failure.

Iset asks the group to find the Head Priest Altheron and his ritual tools in the underground city, where lizard slaves (Lizardmen) and rats dwell, in exchange for the information on the blue crystal. Milo agrees and believes that Lazkum may provide some help.

Back in Malina, the group attempts to talk to Lazkum at the Constable's Office, but constable Finnec prevents them from obtaining the information they require. Milo attempts to break Lazkum out of captivity, enlisting the help of Cennet, Videk and the robed woman. They put both the constable and Idal, who was nearby, to sleep, but due to unexpected circumstances, their plan backfire. Just as the Rookie, Milo, Cennet and Videk are arrested, the robed woman discards her robe, revealing to be Seanna. She orders the constable to release everyone involved, using her status as the military oracle. By Idal's approval, the constable reluctantly releases everyone, including the lizardman.


In the Magic Shack, Lazkum is reunited with Enzo, and he finally tells Milo and the Rookie information. He relays that after the king died, the enslaved lizardmen fled from their captivity. But they had no god, and therefore no purpose or hope for tomorrow. In despair, most of the lizardmen went to seek solace underground. Lazkum, however, sought life on the surface, so he left his compatriots with whom he promised to seek a new god and went on search for a place to live without gods, and eventually found solace in Malina. He then points the location of the underground city on the map, as the group departs back to the Twilight Desert.

The party reaches the Lost Kingdom's underground city, where they seek out and defeat the Head Priest Altheron in battle. Iset appears, but finds no sight of her beloved. As she laments in despair, Solair arrives to the tomb, and she flees. Milo and Solair recognize each other. Together, they return to the Coffer Chasers guild. After brief reintroductions, Solair reveals that what Iset is looking for now isn't really a person, but the remaining soul of her beloved, which is locked away within the Death Mask. The Death Mask is made after the faces of traitors, using their blood as the material, and Iset's lover, Havan, has been the last person from which the mask was made. The princess seeks Havan's soul to bring him back to life, along with the entire Lost Kingdom. Fascinated by Iset, Milo snatches the Death Mask and flees to the Twilight Desert. Solair attempts to give chase, but realizes no one but Milo knows where Iset is now and it is later learned that Milo ran off with the tracker.

With the help of Enzo, and Seanna's mysterious powers, the Rookie and Solair arrive at the place, where they find Iset and an unconscious Milo. A fight ensures and Iset is defeated, but not before she revives Havan, who is resurrected as the golem made of sand and stone. After an arduous battle, Havan is defeated by combined tactics of both the Rookie and Solair. Milo regains consciousness and together they leave the Twilight Desert.

Back in the Coffer Chasers Guild, Asher attempts to force Milo into apologizing but is cut off by Esyllt and Solair. Allysse confiscates the tracker and advises Milo to be more careful of trusting unknown people in the future. Milo tells the Rookie to meet Iset in the desert, as she didn't forget the promise she made with Milo. Meeting her at the oasis, the place where they first met, Iset expresses disappointment over her sad end, but thanks both the Rookie and Milo for helping her. As promised, she handed the shining erg crystal to the mercenary and asked to give her thanks to Milo.

Kean is overjoyed to find that the shining erg crystal is in fact the relic the pair was looking for, having confirmed so by Seanna. With the commission having finally completed, the Coffer Chasers Guild is overflowing with joy. Seanna tells the Rookie, that the power in the crystal isn't belonging to Morrighan, but another god, a heretic. In addition, Milo fell asleep and doesn't seem to wake up.

Meanwhile, Allysse and Enzo are discussing Milo's strange condition. Allysse please the magician to teach her so she could bring Milo back from his sleep, but their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the mercenary. Enzo then tells Allysse, that Milo will wake up once the erg crystal leaves Malina, and goads her to see the semblance of the crystal's power with something, as she is fated to find out soon enough. The episode ends with the Enzo's ominous words: "the Dawn is coming".

Episode 3: Missing Each Other[ | ]

The Rookie returns to the White Whale Inn, where Kean informs that the report about the blue crystal has been sent to the royal capital. Fearing that the pair causes more trouble than good for Milo, Allysse asks Kean and Seanna to find another place to stay, making various excuses (like Enzo running into some kind of emergency and the Inn requires to have as less people as possible.). The pair is moved to the town chief Errol's House. There, Old Meb is shown to be unwell, and tells Seanna that she is destined to change someone's fate, much to Seanna's confusion.

Kean has received an official order, tasking the royal guard with investigating the nearby mine in the Misty Summit. Apparently, the kingdom is preparing for an all-out war with the Fomors, and the mine has missed the delivery. With the Rookie acting as an escort, Kean ventures into the Misty Summit mines, where they are forced to fight against the onslaught of winged gremlins and resuscitated wood men. In the scuffle, Kean fell down from the cliff and injured his leg. The party decides to retreat, but not before finding the manual on making the Wooden Assistant with alternative power sources.

Back at the Errol's House, Kean can't help but point out the suspicious issues with the Misty Summit mine: not only the mine was infested with Fomors and the hostile Wood Men, the mine itself had no valuable Iron Ore, that the army should normally be provided with, but had strange crystals instead. Inspecting the journal, Kean flashes back to the memories of his childhood, where he discusses the idea of making a Wooden Assistant with another young boy. Kean's wound worsens and as Seanna thinks of what to do, Old Meb appears and hands the Rookie the crystal from the Misty Summit mine, telling him to visit Enzo, so he could make a medicine out of it. The mercenary visits Enzo, as he and Allysse attempt to draw the power of the goddess. The medicine is prepared and as soon as Old Meb applies the ointment, the wound on Kean's leg quickly heals. Meb reveals that the crystal is in fact an erg, and what Kean and the Rookie went to was in fact the Erg Mine. Kean once again remembers the past, when his brother, Cethe, has been conducting research on erg crystals. Kean and his brother had a falling out after he learned that Cethe has been working with the Pontiff's Court instead of the kingdom. Back in the present, Kean remembers that the erg crystals are formed when the magic particles react with the moonlight, and asks the mercenary to investigate the Erg Mine for any abnormalities during the nighttime.

At the same time, in the Pontiff's Court headquarters, Kean's message to the royal castle regarding the blue crystal has been intercepted and relayed to the current Pontiff, Laurys. He writes a letter to the Rocheste's bishop, Gilliam, then orders to prepare an escort to Rocheste.

Back in the Misty Summit during the nighttime, the Rookie locates and obtains the crystallized erg. Kean confirms his theory about the moon changing the erg crystals within wood men and is inclined to travel to Rocheste to find out about the purpose behind the crystals, as well as why Fomors are in the mine.

In the meantime, beneath Rocheste, bishop Gilliam receives the letter, where he is tasked by Laurys to collect Seanna, who will arrive to Rocheste in 2 days. The bishop orders the unknown figure to interrogate the oracle as soon as she is arranged to "vanish". The figure complies.

In the Errol's House in Malina, Seanna informs Kean and the Rookie, that she has received two letters from the royal castle. One is the invitation to the gathering of the oracles in the Rocheste. The additional letter, however, asked Seanna specifically to bring along the blue crystal, which puzzles Kean. Believing this to be a lucky coincidence, Kean offers to join Seanna along with the Rookie on the travel to Rocheste. As the trio prepares to leave, Old Meb briefly stops Seanna, ominously reminding her that she is bound to change someone's fate, even if she wouldn't be aware of this. With a promise of the swift return, Seanna, Kean and the mercenary board the ferry to Rocheste.


The party arrives at the entrance to the city of Rocheste, where the guard asks the oracle for her name, which Seanna tells. He then instructs her to go to the location, differing from the gathering place, which makes Kean suspicious. Seanna tells Kean not to worry, but just in case, Kean instructs her of precautions and warns her not to show the blue crystal to anyone. As the guard and Seanna disappear, Kean has a weird feeling, like their parting will likely be their last.

Kean wants to compare the erg obtained from the Misty Summit with the ones used by the Fomors in order to prove that the Fomors' erg indeed come from that mine. But their progress came to a halt, as the Fobellow Prairie are deemed off-limits by the Royal Army and the deputy commander Riordan demands the orders from the kingdom Kean is from. The Rookie offers Kean to steal the erg from the Royal Army storage room, as the mercenary, being a member of the Royal Army once, perfectly knew the layout of the Royal Army quarters. They infiltrate the storage room, where Kean finds the erg they seek.

At the Magician's Guild, magician Jarlath inspects the two ergs and confirms that both of them are originated from the same place. To find more information, the magician sends the group to the magician in Colhen, Brynn, as he has been researching erg crystals.

At the Colhen's Magic Laboratory, Brynn reacts aggressively to the arrival of the royal guard, but calms down when he learns of his unaffiliation with the Pontiff's Court. The magician expresses surprise when the Rookie shows him the erg and tells about the Erg Mine, and points out that the ergs contain obscene amounts of divine energy, theorizing that the blue crystal they've found would be the very essence of a god. The magician advises the party to consult with the researcher of the Pontiff's Court who has the main authority over erg crystals, who happens to be none other than Cethe, Kean's brother. Kean expresses his concerns over the blue crystal being sent to the Pontiff's Court, and the reason why they asked Seanna specifically to bring the crystal. With a bad feeling over the head, the party goes to Rocheste, where the cause of Kean's fear has been confirmed: Seanna is nowhere to be found, even in the Cathedral.

In the alley, Kean blames himself for his own carelessness to see that the royal castle and the Pontiff's Court seem to be working together. The Rookie remembers where Seanna was found in the future, and tells Kean about her current whereabouts. He doesn't believe what the mercenary says, until he is called over by a Beggar, who tells him about the lizardmen creatures carrying an unconscious woman to the Sewer. Surprised at how the mercenary's words turned out to be true without any explanation, the two venture into the sewers, where they find Seanna unconscious, along with two lizardmen. After defeating one of them, the lizard in white cowl, Verafim, flees to the darkness of the sewers. Seanna regains consciousness, but can remember neither Kean, the mercenary, nor about the blue crystal she carried. Together, they go back to the surface. At the same time, the shadowy figure of Verafim opens its mouth and swallows the blue crystal that Seanna had, announcing that "the seal" is complete.

Back in Rocheste, Seanna is left at the Royal Army Base, while the Rookie and Kean hide. The Pontiff hurries to the Royal Army Base and suddenly kneels in front of Seanna, announcing her to be the "prophesied oracle". As Seanna and Pontiff leave, the confused Kean and the mercenary go back to Malina. Meanwhile, underneath Rocheste, Verafim and Gilliam converse. Verafim reveals that he erased Seanna's memory and lies to the bishop, that the crystal wasn't found on the oracle.


In the Errol's House in Malina, Kean expresses his wish to stay in Malina, the town where no one shouts the name of the goddess and where he and Seanna could've lived peacefully. He deduces that the lizardmen were the ones that stole the blue crystal, but wonders of the reason, remembering that their race has been abandoned by the Fomors and has no god to serve. Believing that Lazkum may provide some clues, Kean and the mercenary visit the Magic Shack, where they find Videk instead. He tells that both Lazkum and Enzo went to the Erg Mine in the Misty Summit. The duo travels there and find Enzo and Lazkum gathering from the crystal veins. Kean presses Enzo for answers to his question, but the magician isn't rushing to answer them, and instead proposes everyone to return to Malina.

Back in the Magic Shack, Enzo reveals many truths. The blue crystal they had was an erg, containing divine essence in its pure form, and is likely originated from the mine in the Misty Summit. He also tells that the divine power in those crystals doesn't come from the goddess Morrighan, but from other gods. The reason Seanna was able to perceive the power of the pagan gods is explained by her possessing the qualifications of a witch. Enzo himself is revealed to be the last druid alive, worshipping the god of the crescent moon, hills and death. When asked the reason why Seanna is involved, the druid references the events of the "Witch Hunt" that occurred 10 years ago. That time, the inquisitors spilled blood in the royal city of Taratha because one member of the royal family was thought to be a witch. This event led to deaths of many people of the royal family and the king's abdication of the throne. Kean asks Lazkum about the lizardmen in the Sewer, to which the lizardman ponders if his people are still seeking a god. Everyone don't notice Idal, who has been eavesdropping on their conversation.

Kean and the Rookie go back to the mines of the Misty Summit to find his brother, Cethe, who is believed to be somewhere in the mines. In there, they find a winged gremlin, Quick-hand Seira, that attempts to communicate, but the group is unable to understand the Fomor language. Kean, however, hears the gremlin call out Cethe and wonders if that gremlin knows something about his brother. Back in Errol's House, Kean wonders where they could find someone who can speak Fomorian. To everyone's surprise, Milo, alive and warm, joins the conversation. The boy offers his help as the interpreteur, as he learned to speak Fomorian when he was a child (although he doesn't remember exactly when). Together, they head back to the mines.


In the mines of the Misty Summit, Milo, Kean and the Rookie arrive at the mining site, where they encounter the Quick-hand Seira. With Milo as the interpreteur, they learn that the mine of the Misty Summit is actually the remains of the dead god, and Cethe has formed a pact with the Fomors to resurrect the dead god, after seemingly witnessing the dead human come back to life. However, when Cethe dug out the god's heart, the laboratory he resided in has been sealed off, with no sure means of entering. Seira asks the group to find the key in the mining machine at the summit, then leaves as his compatriots are coming.

Back in the Errol's House in Malina, Milo relays his conversation with the gremlin to Kean, who realizes that Cethe triple-crossed everyone for the sake of resurrecting the pagan god and begins to weep. He then asks the mercenary to retrieve the laboratory key from the excavation machine at the summit. The group doesn't notice Idal, who has been eavesdropping on their conversation.

The Rookie heads up to the very summit of the mines, where he encounters a sentient excavation machine, Bark No. 1, which proceeds to attack. The mercenary had to dismantle the machine apart in order to reach its compartment and obtain the item, that looks like a wooden doll. Inspecting the doll, Kean recognizes it to be his own doll, that Cethe bought for him when he has been recognized as the official magician. Kean cherished this doll and had it on his person wherever he went, despite his own complaints about the doll being something one would buy for a girl. Inside its secret compartment, Kean finds a note written in an invisible ink, telling that Kean himself is the key to unlocking the laboratory. Anxious to meet his brother after a long time, Kean joins the mercenary along with Milo, who happens to tag along.

The group enters the depths of the laboratory, where they're attacked by the biomechanical creature, Juggernaut. Despite the creature's agile movements and using the energy generated from the mix of electricity and divine power of the erg crystal to replenish itself, the party manages to cut it off from the power supply and deal critical damage to the its core, permanently stopping the creature from moving again. Kean expresses disbelief that the defeated creature could be Cethe and after some searching, finds a small orb, that is revealed to be the sound recording device. As the group prepares to leave, the mercenary notices and takes the tattered journal, hidden in the crack of the machines beneath.


Upon returning from the Misty Summit, Kean plays the sound recording device, in which Cethe conveyed the message to his brother, at the same time confirming his own death. 10 years ago, the king of the royal city of Taratha died on the same day as Kean's and Cethe's father. On the day of their deaths, the Pontiff concealed the news of the king's death and announced his retreat abdication instead, gaining authority and using it for his own personal gain. Cethe witnessed the fall of the royal family members and managed to ensure his safety by joining the Court's magicians, waiting for an opportunity to strike back. The opportunity arrived when he has been tasked with investigating the Misty Summit. Firmly believing that the ergs are actually remnants of the divine beings, he arrived at the conclusion that the Misty Summit is actually the grave of a dead god. Cethe's endgame was to resurrect the dead god and putting the Pontiff's Court credibility about Morrighan being the sole god to be false, ruining the organization from the inside. However, the magician supposedly failed to achieve the expected result. In his final message, Cethe told Kean that not all members of the royal family actually died: the young prince and the princess, who was believed to be a witch, escaped, successfully blending in with the hunting party, escaping the Pontiff's eye. In addition, Cethe clearly saw that the princess brought the prince back from the dead. Before the recording ended, Cethe asks Kean to find the escaped prince and princess and protect them.

Milo ponders if the prince is of the same age as him, while Kean walks out of the Errol's House to grieve. Walking through the Constable's Office, Kean notices Idal standing with the birdcage, seemingly lost in thought. Noticing Solair coming, Kean hides. She asks about the contents of the letter Idal was going to send and he tells her a lie, saying it's report to the client. The girl offers the delivery through her owl, but Idal refuses. Solair responds by stabbing Idal in the back with the dagger, then takes the letter and reads it. Learning the contents of the letter, the girl prepares to send the letter to the Pontiff's Court headquarters, leaving Idal to die from blood loss. Finnec enters and notices the dead Idal, but is threatened to silence by Solair before he could do anything.

Kean rushes to the White Whale Inn and tells Allysse, Milo and the mercenary, that they should leave Malina, as the town is no longer safe.

Episode 4: Paradise of Nonbelievers ~ The Dawn Bringer[ | ]

Kean, Allysse and the Rookie prepare to leave Malina. Allysse calls the two over to the White Whale Inn for talk, while sending Milo away for some time. She reveals that Milo and Allysse are the prince and the princess of the royal city of Taratha, although they had different mothers (Milo's mother was a member of another noble family while Allysse's mother was a wandering dancer). The girl has been the object of gossip, branding her as a witch, but as a princess she was cared for and loved. The members of the Pontiff's Court also weren't tolerating the girl's presence and were appearing at the manor's footsteps every now and then. They had a reason for that though, as Allysse possessed an unnatural powers: she wouldn't get hurt and her wishes would be granted with a single thought.

One day, Allysse woke up to the the rebellion orchestrated by the Pontiff's Court in the middle of the night, as the members of the Pontiff's Court proceeded with the plan to exterminate "the witch" and everyone, who was affiliated with her. Travelling through the corridors dyed red with blood and walking over the dead bodies of the royal family members, Allysse reaches Milo's room and together they escape the family estate. It didn't take long before the Pontiff's soldiers managed to track down the pair. Allysse skips the rest of the story with teary eyes, implying that something has happened to Milo during that event. She concludes that they've managed to escape with the help of a magician, who happened to be working for the Pontiff's Court, and reach Malina, where they've spent their carefree lives for 10 years. Kean reveals that the magician was his brother, Cethe, and asks if she was the one who brought Milo back to life, but she denies the claim. Leaving Milo and Allysse to prepare for departure, Kean prepares to travel to Rocheste with the mercenary, but not before he hands Kean the tattered journal, found in the Misty Summit.

The group reaches the Malina docks, where the Ferryman informs them that the road to Rocheste is closed, as the someone from the Royal Army died and the Rocheste soldiers are on the lookout for the heretic, who just happens to be a member of the Royal Army. With no choice left, the party consults with Lazkum at the Magic Shack, who guides them through the underground sewer passages. On the way to the surface, they encounter Verafim, who is revealed to be the one who swallowed the blue crystal and wiped Seanna's memory. Lazkum attempts to persuade his fellow friend to join him in the Malina, but the lizardman refuses, berating Lazkum for his cowardice and treachery to his own people. Verafim disappears into the sewers, Lazkum guides the group to the surface. Somewhere else, Verafim interrogates Naveen whom the lizardman supposedly ensnared with the perfected Fomorian Domination spell.


Kean and the mercenary arrive at the Rocheste. Passing through the Rocheste Cathedral, they spot Seanna, who quickly leads them to the nearby corner of the cathedral. She reveals that the Royal Army is on the lookout for Keaghan and Gwynn has been executed for treason. In addition, she tells that the bishop Gilliam and the Pontiff don't seem to be getting along and working with different agendas. Keaghan arrives and the group overhears his conversation with the Pontiff. As the ex-commander leaves, Laurys calls the guards, asking them about the situation in Malina. They tell about the inquisitor being dispatched to Malina, given the task to target the White Whale Inn. They also relay that the grave of the inquisitor has been cleverly disguised, implying that the grave of a certain inquisitor has been desecrated. The Pontiff demonstrates his evil side and intends to claim the power of the royal throne, once "the accursed Destiny Stone" is gone. Kean urges Seanna to come with them, but she refuses, believing she was destined to stay here and provide comfort for the restless oracles and knights. She relays a strange saying to the group: "Those who believe in the Goddess, will follow her path". Kean promises to tell her his name the next time they meet, and leaves Rocheste with the mercenary.

The group travels back to Malina and race against time to the White Whale Inn, where Milo and Allysse are. They don't manage to escape in time, as the dispatched Inquisitor Ulchas begins his raid on Malina, destroying half the town in the process. Through combined efforts of Kean and the mercenary, the legendary inquisitor falls, but as everyone prepare to go back, he rises back up and attempts to kill Allysse with the last swing of Aquillore, but Milo shields her with his own body, taking the brunt of the attack. Ulchas burns to ashes and disappears. Allysse cries as the seemingly dead Milo's body is enveloped in light and disappears.

In a fit of anger, Allysse blames herself and Enzo for Milo's death, but the druid tells her she can still rescue him. When Kean demands answers, Allysse confesses that back when she and her brother were escaping the Pontiff's soldiers, Milo was already dead. In desperation, the girl prayed to the god of death, and revived the boy through his power. Enzo notes that Milo wasn't resurrected in a true sense and his death was merely postponed. The pagan god of death, Cromm Cruaich lost his power and influence on the world with the death of his body, which now decorates the Misty Summit in form of crystals, and now seeks a new body, a new vessel for the god of death. Using Milo's body, grown on borrowed time as his new vessel, he intends on materializing in the world. Enzo leads the group to Errol's House, so they could learn from the Old Meb about "destiny".


At Errol's House, Old Meb is already expecting the arrival of the group. Being the last druid, Enzo asks if his vengeance will ever be achieved, to which she replies that everyone, no matter who or where they are, will get what they deserve. When asked about the path the group must walk, she points to the tattered journal Kean carries, which promts Kean to open and read it. In the journal, Cethe records his experiments on resurrecting a god by injecting various specimens with divine power and intended to perform the experiment on himself. Old Meb tells that Cethe sacrificed his body to open the dimensional gate to the lands of Annwyn, the burning hell where mortals and gods intertwine. The name of the place sounds somehow familiar to Allysse. Realizing where they should go, Enzo, Allysse, Kean and the mercenary depart to the Misty Summit, where lies Cethe's laboratory.

Arriving at Cethe's laboratory, they notice the blue portal that wasn't there before. Allysse asks Enzo about his revenge, and he tells her that he intends to avenge the death of his teacher, and family. He met the woman and the child in one of villages, as he passed by the village on the trade caravan. The child has lost his parents. Enzo didn't notice that the child possessed the capabilitied of a druid, and as a result, the Pontiff's Court soldiers arrived and burned down the village, killing everyone, including the woman and the child. The druid intends to be "the one to bring the dawn" of mankind. Kean notices that almost everyone was talking about destiny, recounting Seanna's saying. As Allysse wonders about the words' meaning, the group walks through the portal, arriving at the burning lands of Annwyn. Their arrival proved to be unwelcoming, as they face the the gatekeeper of the land, Lavasat, but the party manages to fell the scorching beast through effective teamwork and using the rusty chain hooks, left by mortal precedessors of the realm.

Walking through the plains, distorted by time and ash, they find Milo, floating above the ground. Allysse attempts to wake him up, but learns that this is just his phantom, and the real body is at the center of volcano, by Cromm Cruaich's side. Kean wonders why Pontiff was after Allysse and Milo if all he wanted was to find and get rid of the Destiny Stone. Enzo forced Allysse to confess the grand truth: Allysse isn't possessing the Destiny Stone, but, rather, she herself is the Destiny Stone. Enzo explains that the name Destiny Stone is derived from his druid culture, telling that the prototype of humanity was originally carved from stone, which in turn has been given life and humanity. He then tells that Allysse chose Milo as the next destined king, which is another reason why Cromm Cruaich seeks the boy's body. With the boy's body as the vessel and the destiny of becoming the king, Cromm could amass followers in his name, which in turn would fill him with great power. Hearing everything said, Kean expresses his deep suspicion about the druid, accusing him of intentionally letting Milo to die, then leading the living Destiny Stone to the god of death. Enzo's words about destiny enrage Kean as he prepares to strike him down, but is stopped by the mercenary. Exhausted, Kean decides to stay behind and urges the mercenary to go to the center of the volcano and see the journey through the end, as he will attempt to seek means of saving Milo in his brother's notes. The remaining group heads up to the center of volcano.


Arriving at the temple above the volcano crater, Allysse, Enzo and the mercenary meet face to face with the pagan god of death, Cromm Cruaich, sitting comfortably on the ashen throne with the floating body of Milo by his side. Allysse attempts to reach him, but is stopped by the wall of fire. Cromm tells that this boy is the "compensation" for lending his powers to Allysse so she could postpone his death, and announces him as "the King of Erinn", and Allysse as the "sacrifice" that would set the decaying god of death free from the fiery realm of Annwyn. Cromm Cruaich then calls forth Enzo and offers gratitude for his service. When the druid asks for realizing his wish, the power so he could offer Allysse as sacrifice and achieve his revenge. Intrigued, Cromm detaches a large portion of his power and imbues it into the druid's body, transforming him into the large beast, tasked with providing the god of death with required sacrifice.

Enzo's hopes of achieving regenge don't last long, as the mercenary manages to slay the creature. With Cromm's power leaving the druid's body, Enzo congratulates the Mercenary and Allysse on victory as he draws his last breath. Allysse demands the god of death to let Milo go, but Cromm Cruaich remains unfazed. He uses the condensed power in his staff to destroy the chains holding the area in place, with the temple's floor falling down into the lava. With the volcano's eruption, Cromm descends upon the mercenary and Allysse to deal with them personally.

Being a full-fledged god of death proves to be no joke for the mercenary, as Cromm overpowers him at every turn, and yet doesn't manage to deal decisive strike due to the mercenary's agile movements. Enraged, the god of death attempts to obliterate the flowing platter, using all that remains of his powers as a god, but fails. With no power to fight, and no followers alive to supply the druid god of death with divine power, Cromm Cruaich fades from existence, lamenting his inability to resist the changed destiny. Milo's body descends and he regains consciousness. The two finally reunite. However, their reunion comes to a short when the black dragon Elchulus emerges from the volcano's crater and flies away. Allysse begins exuding the divine aura, as she starts to slowly disappear as the price for defying destiny. She tells the mercenary to take care of Milo, before sending the two of them away, back to Malina.


The mercenary wakes up in the White Whale Inn, hearing Allysse's final words: "The nonbelievers...". Allysse no longer exists. Exploring Malina, the mercenary notices that everyone who died were forgotten by people, and no one has any recollection about neither the merc, nor Allysse who was managing the inn, nor Milo. In the Coffer Chasers Guild, the mercenary is treated as the newcomer, with his name in the list of active members, but Milo's has been crossed out. Together with Solair (who also seems to have no memory), they go to the Constable's Office. Upon seeing Solaire, constable Finnec panics for unknown reasons, which puzzles both of them. With no commission to take, Solair leaves.

The mercenary goes to the Magic Shack that is now managed by Lazkum, who tells that he found the shack on his way to town. The lizardman knows vaguely about the shack's owner, as well as the basics of magecrafting, from the books that were there. He recounts the passages from one of the books, in which Enzo questions gods' control over destiny and ponders about the coming of era, where every human has the power to weave their own destiny. To mercenary's surprise, Milo, alive and well, appears by the shack and invites him to the White Whale Inn for a talk.

Inside the inn, Milo thanks the mercenary for saving him from becoming a slave to destiny and comments on Allysse, that refused her destiny as the Destiny Stone. He wonders if she would've been still be alive if he became the king... or if every single god were to die. With resolution to find a way to bring his lost sister back to existence, Milo says goodbye to the Rookie and leaves.


Not finding Kean anywhere, the mercenary travels back to Colhen. Inside the inn, he finds Seanna who has forgotten about the mercenary and Kean once again. Kean arrives and fulfills his promise to the oracle by telling her his name. As soon as Seanna leaves, the royal guard recounts that he got transported here while he was reading Cethe's journal in Annwyn beside Milo's phantom. He theorizes that no one remembers them, as they "didn't believe in the goddess", and so didn't "follow her path", becoming unbelievers in the face of the goddess. Thankful for at least fulfilling his promise, Kean prepares to leave in search for Milo, as he's the only other person that seems to remember him, but not before asking if the mercenary belongs to Colhen. No matter the answer, Kean thanks the Rookie and leaves Colhen.

The mercenary, visibly exhausted, falls asleep.