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Season 1 is the first major plotline in Vindictus. It begins with the player being initiated into the Crimson Blades mercenary organization and ends with the rebirth of the goddess Morrighan and the god Cichol. Season 1 is comprised of 10 Episodes, each of which contains a number of Stories.


Episode 1: The Crimson Blades[]

Episode 2: Shadow of the Fomor[]

Episode 3: Piercing the Crescent Moon[]

Episode 4: King of the Gnolls[]

Episode 5: The Lost Holy Artifact[]

Extra Episode: Aodhan[]

Episode 6: Colhen in Flames[]

Extra Episode: The Titan[]

Episode 7: The Second Oracle[]

Episode 8, Part 1: Not Even if You Kill Us All[]

Episode 9: The Song of Doom[]

Episode 10: Godslayer[]

Epilogue: Memories[]