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SP: Reverse Gravity Req. Level: 52
Clodagh (NPC).png Clodagh (NPC).png
Starts with Clodagh Ends with Clodagh
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Clodagh in the General Store.
2. Earn the title Boulder Lifter.
3. Return to Clodagh.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 23,000 Gold (Icon).png 49,600 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png

Story Dialogue
Go see Clodagh at the General Store once you've reached Lv. 52.
Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh

Wow, you've already come so far?

Wow. It seems like just yesterday when you first arrived in Colhen.

I remember when you first brought me that sewing pattern [sic] So much has happened since then, don't you think?

You've come to me for help with dyeing you gear, and now you've helped me make amends with Aislinn...

You look so strong and powerful now! Well, you are an official merc, I guess.

I heard you learned a new skill. Wish I could see it in action...

((If the player doesn't already know Reverse Gravity:))
Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh

What? You haven't learned the skill yet? You should go talk to Ceara then.

By now, you should have some sort of specialty of your own, no?

It's no good to be lazy about learning skills while others are working so hard.

Obtain a skillbook from Ceara at the Mercenary Outpost, learn the SP: Reverse Gravity, and then go see Clodagh.
Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh

Did you learn it?
So, what did you think? Isn't it cool?

Wish I could see you in action...

Wait, don't show me that skill right now!

No! Not here!
You'll destroy the store, I'm sure!

I know it's a lot of fun to show off, but please, hold yourself back!

How about practicing your skill nearby?
Really, you don't need to show me in person.

If the skill really is all that it is said to be, then I'm sure word will get out, and fast!

I expect great things from you! Just...don't try anything too close by, okay?

Anywhere is fine. Why not go somewhere the Fomors are roaming about?

((If the player already learned Reverse Gravity:))
Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh

I heard you learned a new skill. Wish I could see it in action...

Wait! No! Not here. It'll destroy the whole store.

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(Dialogue unknown.)
Use the SP: Reverse Gravity skill to obtain the Boulder Lifter title, then go talk to Clodagh.
Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh

I knew it!
You tried it, didn't you?

People are talking how great it was everywhere, I'm telling you!

What? You want me to go with you so you can show me your skill in person?

No, no, that's not necessary, really.
What if I get swept away by the skill or something[point/]...[sic]

Oh, it's nothing. Never mind.

I'm just talking to myself, that's all.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear you're so talented. I look forward to hearing all sorts of great

stories about your heroism out there. Just...try not to use the skill anywhere around town.

Save it for fighting Fomors, okay? I'm not...really worried that you'd destroy the store

or that I'd get swept away or anything, honest.