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Rupacitus Enemy 2.jpg
Type Giant Frog
Location Aidan (Boss of Distorted Truth)
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 3


Main boss of dungeon Distorted Truth. This boss you can also meet in the Unknown Area for up to 12 party members.


Normal Mode

Level: 95 Exp: 1,249,400 HP by Group Size - 1: 13,000,000 2: 13,000,0003: 13,000,000 4: 13,000,000

Att: 21,100 Def: 21,300 Crit: 145 Res: 114 CritDmg: 150%

Hard Mode

Level: 90 Exp: 1,249,400 HP by Group Size - 1: ? 2: ?3: ? 4: ?

Att: ? Def: ? Crit: ? Res: ? CritDmg: ?%


Quest given by:
Related Quests:

Battle Skills and Attacks[]

  • Swipes its claw.
  • Jumps up and releases a volley of blue orbs in every direction.
  • Dives below the surface, before rising back up and using an AOE water attack.
  • Breathes in, pulling in the player, before using an AOE water attack.

Rupacitus In Game[]

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