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Royal Army Recruit.png
Royal Army Recruit
Occupation Merchant
Location Docks

A Royal Army Recruit that works at Colhen Dock. He trades items and seals, but dreams of one becoming an official soldier.

He can be found at the Rocheste Dock and Colhen Dock. He repairs armor and trade Monster Brawl Scroll with Combat Seals.
You can also use Seal of Bravery and Seal of Dedication to trade items.

If you need anything, can you please buy it from me?
~ 'Royal Army Recruit

Services Offered[]

Seal Shop[]

Supply Shop[]

Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "My promotion to soldier all depends on how much I sell. Haha, I will do my best. It's all I can do."
  • I'm training to become a soldier. I can't even compare to the Royal Army cadets yet. But i'm sure my determination will set me apart!"
  • "When I'm out here, I start to think about my mother back at home. She always worsting about me... I'm working so hard to be a soldier that I can't visit her... But when I finally achieve my dream. I can return home to my mother with pride."


  • Seal items cannot be traded.


  • Despite being a Royal Army Recruit, he wears the Veteran Raiment used by Mercenaries.