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== Uses ==
== Uses ==
;NPC crafts
;NPC crafts
{{#ask: [[npc material::Rope-Lashed Bone]]|format=ul}}
{{uses npc mat|Rope-Lashed Bone}}
;Expertise crafts
;Expertise crafts
{{#ask: [[expertise material::Rope-Lashed Bone]]|format=ul}}
{{uses expertise mat|Rope-Lashed Bone}}

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Rope-Lashed Bone.png
Rope-Lashed Bone
Sell Price 850 Gold (Icon).png
An accessory created from sharp and smooth bones like ivory. It is great for decoration and is also a great protection for the wrists.
Obtained by defeating Titan.
Can Be Traded (Icon).png
Can use all forms of trade

How to Obtain[]


NPC crafts
Expertise crafts