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Ronaun (NPC).png
Original Name Ronaun
Alignment Kingdom
Race Human
Occupation Lord of Rocheste
Location Rocheste Castle, Rocheste

Ronaun is the current lord of Rocheste and the older brother of Riordan.

The king granted him lordship over Rocheste for his outstanding performance against the Fomorian threat during his days as a soldier. He seemed to have worked with Aodhan in the past.

Although not a bad person by nature, Ronaun has a relatively cold, cruel demeanor, fitting for a ruler. He firmly believes that Fomors are the major threat to the mankind. Only when every Fomor is dead, the Goddess will arrive. Following the prophecy, he always follows his own beliefs, prioritizing them above everything else.

Rocheste is a beautiful, vibrant city.
I will not allow anyone or anything to harm it.
~ 'Ronaun'


Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • Is there a problem?
  • Fomors must be wiped out. They deserve no mercy.
  • What do you think of Rocheste? Do you like it here? Have no fear, I won't let this town fall as Ainle did.
  • Did you say that I look like Riordan?\nHaha, that could be true.\nWe are brothers, after all.