Riordan (NPC).png
Original Name Ruderek
Alignment Royal Army
Race Human
Occupation Deputy Command of the Royal Army
Royal Academy Headmaster
Location Royal Army Base, Rocheste

Riordan is the Deputy Commander of the Royal Army, Viscount of Rocheste and headmaster of the Royal Academy. He is a role model of a soldier that believes in the idea of being a knight and commanding from above.

Like Gwynn, Riordan strictly follows the rules of the Royal Army, and has no regrets about his actions. For instance, Riordan was willing to destroy all of Hoarfrost Hollow just to retrieve a Holy Artifact.

He holds a firm belief that all good soldiers must absolutely follow orders to the letter, without any kind of emotions getting in the way. This idea always led to a conflict with the current commander of the Royal Army, Keaghan.

Apparently, Riordan seems to dislike the mercenary "rookie". For instance, he tested them to craft the Cadet Ring and the Royal Cadet Set, which Gwynn claims these are "near-impossible" tasks.

Riordan has a wife named Nel, who occasionally brags to him or other cadets.

Just like his brother, who is the current lord of Rocheste, Riordan isn’t naturally a bad person, but he is too stubborn and his words tend to hurt more than he was intending to.

I am Deputy Commander Riordan. I trust no further introduction is needed.
~ 'Riordan'


Spoiler: (Episode 5) Riordan travels to Colhen to retrieve a Holy Artifact for the Pontiff's Court.
Spoiler: (Episode 8) After Glas Ghaibhleann's death, Riordan confronts Keaghan and informs him that he has been stripped of his rank. Acting as High Commander, Riordan orders his soldiers to kill Keaghan, but Gwynn rushes out and pushes Keaghan aside, sacrificing her life. Riordan commands the soldiers to fire again, but Nyle soon shows up in the form of a black smoke. Using his Dark Knight powers, he quickly teleports himself, Keaghan, and the Rookie away.
Since the incident, it is confirmed that Riordan is working alongside with the Pontiff's Court (who were actual traitors, as their prophecy was a complete lie) and Keaghan and the Rookie are labeled as fugitives.

Spoiler: (Season 3 Prologue) On the briefing in Rocheste Castle it is revealed that Riordan is King Ronaun's only brother. After the battle in Fobellow Praire he becomes forgotten like Marrec and Aodhan

Additional Information

Chitchat Quotes

  • So this is Keaghan's hometown. This is a peaceful town. It's hard to believe someone as cold as Keaghan grew up in such a cozy town.
  • ... ...
    You must have a lot of time on your hands.
  • Gwynn seemed to trust you. What do you think about that? Do you think you are a trustworthy person?
  • I am a person of principles. People can't accept the fact that the worst is happening. That is why principles exist.
  • I don't have time to waste on you.
  • You must not think when it comes to commands. Sensitivity is for a bard, not for a soldier. In that sense, Keaghan is... I've spoken too much. Forget it.
  • You have so much free time, do you? How... disappointing.
  • Don't talk to me. My time is better spent practicing my swordsmanship than with you.
  • It seems Gwynn trusts you. I know her to have very high standards. So, do you really think that you can meet such expectations?
  • Rules are necessary. We need something to guide us when the worst happens. It is foolish not to prepare for worst-case scenarios. They are... inevitable.
  • You should be honored to be charged with such a mission. The annihilation of the Fomors is of the utmost importance.


  • A glitch in the main quest line causes him to leave the Royal Army Base during Who's Wins? but as of now is unable to return if you have completed the story Destiny. This is currently unresolved.
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