Request from the Magician's Guild

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Request from the Magician's Guild Req. Level:
You must have completed the story "Yeti in Hoarfrost Hollow".
Guard (NPC).png Guard (NPC).png
Starts with Guard (NPC) Ends with Guard (NPC)
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Guard at the entrance to Rocheste.
2. Talk to Brynn at the Magic Laboratory.
3. Obtain Sarghamiu Clothing in Battle Quest The Yeti, an Ancient Race.
4. Talk to Guard at the entrance to Rocheste.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 3000 Gold (Icon).png 63000 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png
Title (Icon).png   Title
Itchy One
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Story Dialogue
Go to Guard at the entrance to Rocheste.
Guard (NPC Icon).png Guard (NPC)

You're the one who brought the report a while ago, right?

Well, I'm glad you're here.
Take this.

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Reward: Magician Guild Letter
Guard (NPC Icon).png Guard (NPC)

It's a letter from the Magician's Guild, addressed
to Colhen's Magic Laboratory.

I was concerned because Colhen is so remote,
and I don't have any messengers I could send.

That magician was pestering me about it...
Well, hurry up and deliver it, and bring me back the reply.

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You discovered the title: Itchy One.
Take Magician Guild Letter to Brynn.
Brynn (NPC Icon).png Brynn

A letter...from the Rocheste Magician's Guild?
I have no time for that.

Who knows what they put inside?
Here, open it for me and check.

Hm, nothing happened.
Last time, the letter transformed the opener into a frog.

Thank you for your invaluable service.

Now, give me that.

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Delivered [[Magician Guild Letter|Magician Guild Letter]]
Brynn (NPC Icon).png Brynn

They need to study the yetis, so they want a sample.
If I provide this, they will cancel my late dues.

That would be quite a sum of coin...
And if I don't comply, they will strip my magician title.

They assume I care for such formalities.
I shall leave this to you, I think.

If you feel inclined to bolige them,
I will muster a small amount of gratitude.

Obtain Sarghamiu Clothing in Battle Quest The Yeti, an Ancient Race and take it to Guard at the Rocheste Castle gate.
Guard (NPC Icon).png Guard (NPC)

You're back. Did you bring what the
magician has requested?

What's this?
It smells awful.

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Delivered [[Sarghamiu Clothing|Sarghamiu Clothing]]
Guard (NPC Icon).png Guard (NPC)

The magician really requested this?
Stay here. I'm going to check.

If he's not happy about this,
you won't be either!


Guard (NPC Icon).png Guard (NPC)

Haha. He was very happy.
He said something about yeti clothing cultural studies.

Whatever that means...
Anyway, he told me to give you this.

It's something called Essence of Madness.
Well, then. Take care.

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Reward: Essence of Madness
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You received the title: Itchy One.