Reilly (NPC).png
Original Name Riel
Alignment Colhen
Race Human
Occupation Master Magician
Location General Store, Colhen

Reilly is a master magician too brilliant for his own good who has possibly gone senile, found in the General Store, most of the time. An old man with the personality of a child who smiles entirely too much. He’s constantly looking for new toys to play with. But, under is childish demeanor, is his genius still intact? There's more to him than it seems.

Reilly once tutored Brynn, although his protege heavily denies it.

Jarlath seems to have a distinct rivalry with Reilly for an unidentified reason.

Even though Reilly often acts childish, he can get serious when needed. The first hint of this comes when Ellis goes to Ainle.

I like fun stuff. If you find anything fun, you must bring it to me.
~ 'Reilly'

Additional Information

Chitchat Quotes

  • "Brynn? My apprentice? No? Oh, are you talking about the unit we use to measure magic? That's also Brynn. I got lazy and named it after my apprentice. Brynn, Brynn, Brynn, Brynn!"
  • "(Reilly is playing with the buttons on his shirt. He unbuttons and rebuttons them seemingly randomly.) I like fun stuff. If you find anything fun, you must bring it to me!"
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