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Red Warrior Belt.png
Red Warrior Belt
Accessory, Belt Sell Price 0 Gold (Icon).png

Strength +12; Willpower +3;  

Restriction (Icon).png
For levels 17 and above.
Can Be Traded (Icon).png
Can use all forms of trade

A belt made from the Gnoll Chieftain after beating him at the Red Ruins. This sturdy belt is adorned with tufts of his firey hair. You could almost feel sorry for him, looking at it.

How to Obtain[]

Crafted by Kirstie after completing the battle quest Red Ruins

Fee: 0 Gold (Icon).png
Leather.png Leather x 3
Red Gnoll Leather.png Red Gnoll Leather x 3
Gnoll Chieftain Tail.png Gnoll Chieftain Tail x 2
Red Gnoll Heart.png Red Gnoll Heart x 1