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Raging Ekuloch
Raging Ekuloch (Enemy).png
Type Kobold
Location Hoarfrost Depths
(Boss of Greedy Kobold. Sub Boss of The Yeti, an Ancient Race)
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 1


Normal / Hard Mode

Level: 48 Exp: 1,326 HP by Group Size - 1: 18,074 2: 24,0983: 31,327 4: 40,967
Att: 6,061 Def: 3,136 Crit: 30 Res: 35 CritDmg: 120%    

Related Titles[]


Regular Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.
Normal / Hard Mode Black Kobold Hood, Broken Guardian Shield, Ekuloch Bandana, Fine Cloth, Fine Kobold Cloth, Fine Leather, Wind Blade Epic Enhancement Stone, Suffering Enchant Scroll,
Hero Mode Black Kobold Hood, Broken Guardian Shield, Ekuloch Bandana, Fine Cloth, Fine Kobold Cloth, Fine Leather, Wind Blade Adjusted Enchant Scroll, Empowered Enhancement Stone, Enhanced Enchant Scroll, Enhancement Elixir, Epic Enhancement Stone, Intense Enchant Scroll, Forceful Enchant Scroll, Hateful Enchant Scroll, Ornate Enchant Scroll, Relentless Enchant Scroll, Suffering Enchant Scroll

Quest-Only Drops[]

Battle Skills & Attacks[]

  • Raises his axe, pretending to attack. Then returns to his neutral stance.
  • Swings at the player with his axe.
  • Spins 360 degrees followed up by a comeback hit from the left.
  • Charges at the player and swings 3 times followed by a 360 degree spin-attack, after which he become tired for a brief moment.
    • After this he will usually use the Spin attack, or stay tired for a longer duration (occasionally)

Tips & Advice[]

  • Has the same attacks as Speedy Ekuloch and Shrewd Ekuloch, but with a poisonous debuff.
  • Unlike his brothers, getting hit by some of his attacks causes Deadly Poison, and that combined with his much quicker speed makes him far more dangerous than them.
  • Unlike his brothers, Raging Ekuloch does not "hop", but rather, tends to run frequently.


  • Occasionally blocked attacks can still hit somehow. This makes blocking his attacks while at low health very dangerous.
  • Tends to do his 4 hit combo much more frequently. The whole combo happens much quicker than his brothers' also, and the first strike is very difficult to dodge or perfect guard.


  • Watch out for when he's faking his attacks. You may enter cross stance too early.

Additional Notes[]

  • Unlike the other Kobolds, all Ekuloch appear the same. In fact, they are all real, so determining which of the Ekuloch are fake is pointless. Gwynn assumed that there could only be one Ekuloch, though this was proven false.

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