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What is it?[]

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The Quick Battle is another function in the Vindictus using this you can access battles. This function is limited by level. You can use this function on level 10 and above.
The Quick Battle allow you to join at any in the Vindictus. Main benefit of using Quick Battle is, you don't need to stay at the Battle Preparation. You only need level higher then 10 and you must be out of any dialog with NPC.

How to open Quick Battle?[]

In game you open Quick Battle using K. You can remap this key if you want.

How it works[]

At the top of the Quick Battle window are three bookmarks.


If you want more informations about Battle bookmark you must click here.

Royal Army[]

If you want more informations about Royal Army bookmark you must click here.


In favorites bookmark you can see your favorite battles. Your favorite battle you can mark if you click on the star on the left direction at the each battle.

Join in the battle[]

If you have checked Best Battles for Me, the Quick Battle will you show the best battles for you. As example if you have maximal level, you will always have at the first page the newest raids and dungeons in the game.
For joining any dungeon, you could find manually the dungeon using arrows at the left bottom. You can also use search box in the right bottom. When you finally find your wanted dungeon, you can click on it. At the left side you can see under the Party how many partyes are created. If is number 0, none party was created. If is the number higher then 1, then you can join in the party using join party at the left bottom.

Create the Battle Party[]

If you want to create party, you must click on the wanted dungeon and then at the center bottom on Create Party.

Departure for Battle[]

Departure for Battle is innovation in the Quick Battle. Using this you can create dungeon but you do not expect to another party member. You will go the selected dungeon in solo.

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