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The Prairie Entrance is one of the most unique locations in the game for many reasons. One of the most unusual is that it is included as a location available through the fourth boat but is paired with Ruins of Sanctity. In most cases boats only give access to one specific location without any real change in the environment. Another more interesting aspect is the open space in each room. In most cases, enemies will spawn in either a rather open room or through a more narrow passageway leading to a larger opening giving the players much more room to fight. Another interesting feature is the unique set of traps in the area. For example, there are spinning blades mounted on "tops" traveling back and forth in a grid formation in one of the rooms. Another is the randomly popping spikes arranged along a narrow row. One other notable difference is the presence of actual doors that open once enemies are defeated, instead of the usual Fomorian force-wall.

Prairie Entrance on Map

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