Playtime for Sheep

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Playtime for Sheep Req. Level:
You must have completed the story "Holy Artifact".
Ernmass (NPC).png Ernmass (NPC).png
Starts with Ernmass Ends with Ernmass
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Ernmass at the Inn.
2. Talk to Fenella at the General Store.
3. Bring 3 White Yeti Manes and 10 Fine Cloths to Fenella.
4. Obtain 3 Bear Mints from Battle Quest Appearance of a Small Bear.
5. Talk to Fenella at the General Store.
6. Talk to Ernmass at the Inn.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 6800 Gold (Icon).png 81500 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png
Title (Icon).png   Title

Story Dialogue
See what Ernmass has to say.
Ernmass (NPC Icon).png Ernmass

Hello there, <Evie>.
Are you busy these days, by any chance?

Oh, it's nothing serious.
I just have a small favor to ask you.

The thing is, I can't sleep so well these days.
Maybe it's my age. Lots of things go wrong at my age, heh.

But it's getting worse, and I often wake up
in the middle of night.

I'm so tired all the time, my vision's getting worse, too.
That's why I gave you the wrong mail before, remember?

I am so sorry to bother you like this.
But if you can help me get a good sleep, I'd appreciate it!

Find and talk to someone among the townspeople who knows the method. [Optional dialogue with other NPCs]
Tieve (NPC Icon).png Tieve

Grandpa doesn't sleep well?
He didn't say anything to me...

Then, what should I do?
I don't know how to help.

Oh, wait, come to think of it, I remember Aislinn
said that she cured her insomnia recently.

She should know. Please ask her
I hope my grandpa can sleep better soon.


Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh

Better sleep? Oh, try asking Aislinn.
She had trouble sleeping at night for awhile.

But then she got better all of a sudden.


Aislinn (NPC Icon).png Aislinn

Oh, Fenella knows the secret.
I can't tell you the exact method, but it really works.


Gallagher (NPC Icon).png Gallagher

What? What am I supposed to know about that?
Go bother someone else with that mess!

(Gallagher runs up to the second floor.)

(There's something sparkling on the ground.)

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Reward: Iron Ore

(You found an ore.)


Shayla (NPC Icon).png Shayla

Hm, I think I've heard that people from Ainle
have a secret method.

Now, who around here was from Ainle?

Find and talk to someone among the townspeople who knows the method. [Talk to Fenella.]
Fenella (NPC Icon).png Fenella

Something that helps you fall asleep at night?
Haha, you came to the right person.

There is a traditional method we used in Ainle.
It was originally for kids, but it will work for adults.

Have you heard of counting sheep? Counting sheep
is commonly used in many towns, but there's more.

In Ainle, we made sheep mobiles.
Our sheep mobiles are stuffed with fur and herbs.

Hang one of those up and let it swing,
and you'll be out like a light.

If you bring me white fur and some cloth,
I'll make one for you.

Bring 3 White Yeti Manes and 10 Fine Cloths to Fenella.
Fenella (NPC Icon).png Fenella

Ah, you brought all 3 White Yeti Manes and 10 Fine Cloth.

[If you select "Keep":]

Fenella (NPC Icon).png Fenella

You need those for something else?
Well, take your time. I'm in no hurry.

[If you select "Give"];

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Delivered [[3 White Yeti Mane|3 White Yeti Mane]]
[[File:{{{npc}}} (NPC Icon).png|text-bottom|35px]] [[{{{npc}}}]]
Delivered [[10 Fine Cloth|10 Fine Cloth]]
Fenella (NPC Icon).png Fenella

Oh, great, this is all top quality.
I will get started on the mockup first.

Why don't you get me some herbs?
Bear Mint would be the best.

Bears like this herb, hence the name.
Small black bears especially love this.

Three Bear Mint will be enough to make it smell good.

Obtain 3 Bear Mints from Battle Quest Appearance of a Small Bear and take them to Fenella.
Fenella (NPC Icon).png Fenella

Oh, these are Bear Mint, aren't they?
I haven't seen these for quite awhile.

I used to get them a lot when
I was in Ainle...

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Delivered [[3 Bear Mint|3 Bear Mint]]
Fenella (NPC Icon).png Fenella

Haha, I was quite popular with my skills in Ainle.
Even a crying baby would stop when he saw my sheep mobile.

Here it is.
Please take it to Ernmass.

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Reward: Sheep Mobile
Fenella (NPC Icon).png Fenella

I wish him a good night's sleep.

Take the Sheep Mobile to Ernmass.
Ernmass (NPC Icon).png Ernmass

Haha, this is a cute mobile.
Are you giving this to me? Thank you.

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Delivered [[Sheep Mobile|Sheep Mobile]]
Ernmass (NPC Icon).png Ernmass

Do you hang this from the ceiling?
Oh, okay. Then let me just put this up...

(Ernmass begins snoring.)

Oh my...did I just fall asleep?
Hahaha, this really works! Thank you very much.

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You received the title: Sleepy.