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Perilous Ruins is the first boat from the docks.

Ruins of what appeared to be an ancient city of extinct race, located on the north bank of the Ignacht River. It’s easy to see that the city used to have a prosperous civilization. Now, there is no city, only questions of specifically which race built it and for what purpose.

The ruins that were neglected for a very long time are now occupied by a branch of gnoll parties, that have separated themselves from the Fomorian army. Because of gnoll’s beliefs, they and human beings maintained a relatively neutral relationship. So far, there were no casualties that would shake that relationship. Individual people strived to establish a somewhat friendly relationship and get along with each other.

The ruins area is different from the other places and maintained a feeling of peace. Thanks to that, Tieve’s childhood playmate Marrec, as well as Shayla and others who have lived near the abandoned city, could enter and exit the ruins freely. It is also the very reason why this place became the training grounds for the mercenaries.

People say that somewhen in the past, this place originally had wildflowers blooming in the mountains. Now that this place has become abandoned, only dry grass and sporadic veins could be seen.

The Perilous Ruins also has a unique set of traps inside the dungeon. (Example: Player sometimes run across tripwires that activate the traps and are prone to be hit by large spiked logs swinging from elevated positions.)

Perilous Ruins on Map

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