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Nightmare at the Ruins Tab.png
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Deep in the Ruins, you'll find a place that shines, even in the midst of darkness. There you will meet a Giant Spider.
~ Nyle on Nightmare at the Ruins
Battle given by: Nyle
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Bonus Mission
Battle Points Gained Mission Requirement Gold Gained
10 Obtain Golden Spider Web 1,100 Gold (Icon).png
10 Obtain Laghodessa Sharp Claw (break off) 1,300 Gold (Icon).png
15 Equipment destroyed < 3 times 2,300 Gold (Icon).png
15 Kill Giant Spider with small bombs 1,200 Gold (Icon).png
20 Finish Laghodessa with kicks (P) 2,800 Gold (Icon).png
Oath of Honor
Battle Points Gained Mission Requirement EXP Gained
20 Win within 15 min 17,000 Experience (Icon).png
25 Win without repairing armor 21,200 Experience (Icon).png
25 Win with 6 or fewer players 19,400 Experience (Icon).png
30 Season of Macha (difficulty up) 23,800 Experience (Icon).png
Nightmare at the Ruins Raid.png
Ruins of Sanctity.jpg
Location Ruins of Sanctity
Prerequisites Hidden

(At least 100 BP)

Leads to None
Mission Defeat Thorn Laghodessa (*P)

(30 BP given)

Time limit 60 minutes
Battle limit No Limits
Minimum level 43
Recommended 48
Mid boss(es) Soldier Spider, Red Soldier Spider, Striped Soldier Spider, White Soldier Spider, Black Soldier Spider, Ailliagh
End Boss(es) Giant Spider, Thorn Laghodessa
Evil Cores Max: 14
Min: 11
Ability Points (AP) Max: 40 Ability Point (Icon).png
Min: 20 Ability Point (Icon).png
Rewards 4,400 Gold (Icon).png
13,700 Experience (Icon).png

Tips and Tricks

  • The Soldier Spiders in the first Area are considered bosses, so they will always drop a core when killed. This is a great place to gather Spider Webs for the Tailoring Expertise. Simply kill the first spiders, gather the Evil Cores and quit the battle. It is recommended to not wear any armor while doing this, as that just incurs repair fees and is not necessary.


  • As with all raids, there is only one path. The monsters and locations generated will be identical in each run.
  • There are three ore deposits in Area 2. One is located in the far right corner. Another is located in the far left corner. The last ore deposit is located alongside the left wall.
  • There is one Erg Pot in Area 1 on a ledge up high on the left side. The secondary weapon Spear can be used to break the Erg Pot.
  • There is one Erg Pot in Area 2 on a shelf in the corner to the right of the start. It is too high to hit with normal attacks or a blast attack like Evie's Fireball or Karok's Big Bang Attack, but can be broken with a well-aimed Spear.