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Nexon Launcher Settings[]

You can setup different settings in Nexon Launcher. In settings menu you have 4 different bookmarks. They are listed below:

  • General
  • Game Install / Update
  • Game Configure
  • About


In bookmark General you can set up settings about whole launcher. Setting include this parameters below.
- Language settings

  • You can setup different languages depending where you live.

- Security

  • In security you can set up saving your Email or ID. Then you can also set up if you want to sign in automatically or not. If you don't want save your profile, you can clear saved login.

- Execution

  • Here you can choose if you want to start launcher with system or not.

- Shortcuts

  • Here you can add shortcut to start menu or to desktop.

Game Install / Update[]

At bookmark Game Install / Update you can change game location or limit download speed.
- Install

  • Here you can change where will be your game installed.

- Network

  • Network section is about limit speed download. You can set up lowest speed to 64 KB/s up to 16 MB/s.

Game Configure[]

At this bookmark you disable or enable things related with game. For example you can install or update.
- Update

  • Enable or disable automatically updates

- Repair / Update

  • This section offer you two options. You can repair your game from here or uninstall.


And the last bookmark tell you about Nexon Launcher. You can get here informations about Launcher version or external links.
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