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Alignment Unknown
Race Human
Occupation Viscountess, Tailor
Location Royal Army Base, Rocheste

Nel is a viscountess of Rocheste and wife of the current lord's young brother, Riordan. She married young and doesn't seem to understand what marriage entails.

She is innocent and naive when it comes to understanding how the world works. It’s not known if that's the case, but for her, the word “war” means that her husband has to go far away, leaving for Nel no choice but to play by herself, which is why she is always bored.
Nel is very interested in jewels and jewellery and is talented at sewing clothes or making cute dolls.

Being a beautiful woman from a noble family, the concept of material needs wasn’t in her vocabulary. If she thinks she needs something, she will take it without thinking of consequences.

Being the master of sewing clothes and dolls, she can teach interested players the Tailoring profession.

When I get tired of looking at gems
or buying clothes, I do some tailoring.
~ 'Nel'

Services Offered[]



Additional Information[]

  • She has a puppy dog, named Prince.

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • I'm so bored! Are you busy? If not, stick around and play with me! Tell me interesting stories of your journeys. I want to hear about rare jewels and accessories...
  • Hmm... I need something fun to do. It's so boring here! People are always training, or planning...And Riordan is always busy.
  • Sometimes, Lord Ronaun is kind of scary... One time, I told him about a cute creature I saw, with a furry black face and big teeth! But he yelled at me, saying it was a Fomor... I was so startled.
  • Ahh, it was one very snowy day. I was three hours late to meet Riordan! I had gotten all tied up... I felt so bad, and rushed to meet him... And there he was, standing there covered in thick snow, waiting for me. Heehee. And that was the day that he proposed to me.
  • Battles are terrible. I mean, Riordan won't spend time with me because he's so busy! I hope the fighting ends soon...
  • I'm thinking about buying new clothes. I've already worn everything I have at least once. I'm sure I have one or two things I've never worn, but they're probably all too old. I can't wear anything that's out of fashion! How embarrassing would that be?
  • When I get tired of looking at gems or buying clothes, I do some tailoring. I used to hurt my fingers when I was little but I'm much better at it now. I even have customers who buy my work! It's not that much money, but it's just for fun. If you're ever in need of clothing, you can always come see me.
  • Life with Riordan? Hmm... It's not...bad, I guess. But I HATE how he's busy all the time! I hardly see him anymore... Why do you ask?
  • I saw a pretty purple jewel in town yesterday. Oh... It was very beautiful... I hope Riordan buys it for me on his way back...