Vindictus Wiki

NX is the microtransaction currency used to monetize the development and maintenance of Vindictus, which is a standard Free-to-play (F2P) revenue model.

  • You purchase NX with real-world money.
    • You can buy pre-paid game cards at various retailers, which can be redeemed at the Nexon store.
    • You can buy online at the Nexon store.
  • The NX that you redeem or buy is added to your global Nexon account, and can be used in any Nexon game title including Vindictus.
  • You can use NX in two different ways in Vindictus:
    • You can buy consumable items of various types from the Supply Depot.
    • You can buy cosmetic changes (some of which confer stat/attribute bonuses too) for your Vindictus characters from the Avatar Shop.
    • You can buy outfitters (all of which confer stat bonuses) for your Vindictus characters from the Outfitter Shop.