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SP Moral Arts.png
Moral Arts


- Increases damage by 35%.
Increases your chance of knocking down oppenents by 7%.
- Mortal Arts is Grimden's basic smash attack.
- Compared to Agile Strike, this attack is slower and has less forward movement.
- Mortal Arts itself is not very strong, but it receives more additional damage than Agile Strike when Shadow Ambush is applied.
- The additional damage from Shadow Ambush becomes greather with more attacks.
- When linked from Agile Strike, Mortal Arts' hit count can be carried over from Agile Strike. However, the hit count resets when linking back to Agile Strike from Mortal Arts.

Mouse: [Right-click] x5
Keyboard: [D] x5

Addictional Details[]

  • Grimden skill only.
    • Increase Damage
    • Increase Knockdown Rate