Metal Solvent

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Metal Solvent.png
Metal Solvent
Sell Price 12 Gold (Icon).png
Liquid used for extracting metals.
The label reads, "Danger: acidic"
Can be purchased from Ferghus in Colhen, Arthyen in Rocheste, or Turhan and Emma in Malina.
Can Be Traded (Icon).png
Can use all forms of trade

How to Obtain[edit | edit source]

Purchased from

in stacks of 5 for 600 Gold

Crafted with the Armorsmithing expertise

Recommended expertise proficiency: 0
Acidic Liquid.png Acidic Liquid x 4
Empty Bottle.png Empty Bottle x 1

Uses[edit | edit source]

NPC crafts

Collecting Sheaths, Fine Iron Ore, Fine Metal Solvent, Fine Small Bomb, Fine Spear, Light Battle Mail Greaves, Mine Bomb, Superior Iron Ore

Expertise crafts

Collecting Sheaths, Dancing with the Wolf, Exquisite Steel Plate, Fine Metal Solvent, Fine Steel Plate, Fluted Longsword, Gnoll Chieftain Bastard Sword, Gnoll Chieftain Glaive, Gnoll Chieftain Greatsword, Gnoll Chieftain Phantom Dagger, Gnoll Chieftain Spellsword, Skyfrost Twin Swords, Superior Steel Plate, Sword of Salvation, Twin Fluted Longswords