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Cloth is used in a variety of cloth and light armors. Even though cloth can be found fairly easily, the next tiers require crafting to obtain.

Cloth.png Cloth
Fine Cloth.png Fine Cloth
Superior Cloth.png Superior Cloth
Superior Cloth.png Exquisite Cloth
Kobold cloths
Average Kobold Cloth.png Average Kobold Cloth
Kobold Cloth.png Kobold Cloth
Fine Kobold Cloth.png Fine Kobold Cloth
Blood Silk.png Blood Silk
Ebony Cloth.png Ebony Cloth


Leather is used in a variety of light and heavy armors whilst silk tend to be for cloth armor. It is noted that even though silk may seem more logical as cloth it is however considered as leather by the game client.

Leather.png Leather
Fine Leather.png Fine Leather
Superior Leather.png Superior Leather
Superior Leather.png Exquisite Leather
Unfinished Silk.png Unfinished Silk
Silk.png Silk
Fine Silk.png Fine Silk
Superior Silk.png Superior Silk
Exquisite Silk.png Exquisite Silk
Gnoll leathers
Brown Gnoll Leather.png Brown Gnoll Leather
Black Gnoll Leather.png Black Gnoll Leather
Gold Gnoll Leather.png Gold Gnoll Leather
White Gnoll Leather.png White Gnoll Leather
Red Gnoll Leather.png Red Gnoll Leather
Gnoll Hard Leather.png Gnoll Hard Leather
Polar bear leathers
Polar Bear Leather.png Polar Bear Leather
White Tyrant Leather.png White Tyrant Leather
Thick Polar Bear Fur.png Thick Polar Bear Fur
Black Gnoll Leather.png Black Belly Leather
Yeti Leather.png Yeti Leather
Tough Irukul Leather.png Tough Irukul Leather
Rockjaw Red Mane.png Rockjaw Red Mane


Ores can generally be obtained via mining ore veins as well dropped from certain enemies. Diggers (e.g. Hemdrills) are also a good source of ores since they feed on minerals underground.

Raw ores
Copper Ore.png Copper Ore
Silver Ore.png Silver Ore
Gold Ore.png Gold Ore
Obsidian.png Obsidian
Renos Ore.png Renos Ore
Iron Ore.png Iron Ore
Fine Iron Ore.png Fine Iron Ore
Superior Iron Ore.png Superior Iron Ore
Exquisite Iron Ore.png Exquisite Iron Ore
Steel plates
Steel Plate.png Steel Plate
Fine Steel Plate.png Fine Steel Plate
Superior Steel Plate.png Superior Steel Plate
Exquisite Steel Plate.png Exquisite Steel Plate
Fine Steel.png Fine Steel
Fobellow Tin.png Fobellow Tin
Fine Fobellow Tin.png Fine Fobellow Tin

Special Material (Gems)[]

Special materials regroup gems as well as some related items.

Amethyst.png Amethyst
Cat's Eye.png Cat's Eye
Jade.png Jade
Peridot.png Peridot
Sapphire.png Sapphire
Ice Crystal.png Ice Crystal
Frost Stone.png Frost Stone

Secondary Material[]

Secondary materials are usually man-made in appearance. They are used as secondary parts for crafting and can usually be only obtained via crafting.