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Marrec (NPC).png
Original Name Marrec
Alignment Crimson Blade Mercenaries
Race Human
Occupation Crimson Blade Mercenary Veteran
Location Mercenary Outpost, Colhen

Marrec is a Crimson Blade Mercenary usually found at the Mercenary Outpost in Colhen. He is usually hot-tempered but his blunt personality often leads to constant arguments with the Royal Army. No one know what he really looks like, since he has worn a helmet since he was young. Even his childhood friends have forgotten how he looks.

Marrec grew up in Colhen with Tieve, Clodagh and Keaghan. He always dreamt of joining the Royal Army but, when Keaghan was accepted into the Royal Army and Marrec was not, Marrec's jealousy drove the two apart. Now, Marrec is a Crimson Blade mercenary stationed in Colhen.

Although his emotions often override his logic, Marrec is a competent fighter in the war against the Fomors.

A Blade should be prepared for battle at all times.
~ 'Marrec'

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Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "A Blade should be prepared for battle at all times."
  • "The captain turns into a totally different person when we're fighting the Fomors. I can't explain it. It's...scary."
  • "Rocheste is paying us. Not sure who, exactly. The major? The Royal Army? The Pontiff's Court? Doesn't matter to me, as long as we get paid."
  • "I get a chill every time I think about what would've happened at the bell tower if you hadn't stepped in..."
  • "(Username), everyone's heard about your recent accomplishments."
  • "I joined the Blades because I want to travel. But here I am, protecting Colhen, of all places. How ironic."
  • "Soldiers in the Royal Army think they're so great because they can afford polish for their armor. (Marrec scoffs.) What're they going to do, blind the Fomors to death?"
  • "The Blades have to stay put. Colhen's the last town before Rocheste and the Fomors are practically flooding the area."
  • "I'm in charge when Captain Aodhan's away. We're mercs, but we still have a hierarchy of sorts."
  • "The Crimson Blades are nothing like the Royal Army. Our rank system is simple. Captain at the top, veterans in the middle, and everyone else is equal at the bottom. You're just another Blade until you prove yourself, (username)."
  • "What is the deal with those people wearing gray robes? They hang around the square late at night."
  • "Best way to hone your battle skills? Train. Not sure how to begin? Read a book. Seriously, books can teach you the basics of combat."
  • "So listen, (username). If Gwynn tries to talk with you, just ignore her. Tell her to talk to ME."
  • "Hey! You're staying at the Inn, right? How's Tieve? (Marrec coughs.) I mean, how's the oracle? I haven't seen her since that day at the bell tower... Wonder how she's holding up."


  • Marrec constantly wears a helmet, and his face is never seen without it, even in his childhood. This is a probable reference to the Mabinogi: Fantasy Life character Tin, who was never spotted without his helmet off.
  • Marrec's hair is supposedly colored red, but as he aged, it grew lighter.