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The Marketplace Message Board, accessible in Colhen, Malina and Rocheste, is used by players to buy and sell items and equipment from fellow players.

How to Use[]

Screenshot of the Marketplace via Colhen

  • To sell an item, a player walk up to the Marketplace Board. From there, a tab with "Item Listing" will allow you to sell items, one at a time.
    • A maximum of 20 items may be listed at a time.
  • To buy an item, click on the "Trade" tab at the top-left. A category listing below allows for searching by item type. There is also a search bar at the top-right to allow searching by keyword to quickly narrow down searches.
    • The amount of money the player has is shown at the bottom-right of this window.
    • The player may click the "Your Items" tab at the top-left of this window to view the items they are selling.
  • After making a purchase the bought items can be retrieved from any mailbox, or from the inventory if it is not full upon purchase.
  • The "Crafting Materials" tab allows you to search for the recipe materials for an equipment piece. This makes it easier to find all of the materials required to make something without having to remember it all. It is possible to search for NPC crafting and Expertise crafting.

Other Information[]

Marketplace Window

  • Items that were enhanced before the Version 1.11 ("Gnoll King") Update can not be sold at the marketplace.
  • Materials that have been bought from the marketplace can not be traded to another player. Equipment (weapons, armor, accessories) can be traded. NX filled dye ampoules can be traded.
  • It costs 3% of the item's listed price as a fee to list the item. This fee is non-refundable, even if the item sells.
  • Used equipment must be fully repaired before it can be sold in the marketplace.
  • Equipped or bound items cannot be traded. Cash items cannot be traded (except some dye ampules). Enchant Scrolls cannot be traded. To trade Enchant Scrolls, the mailbox must be used instead.

Alternate Images[]

Marketplace Message Board Malina.png Marketplace Message Board Rocheste.png