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Macklin (NPC).png
Original Name Machina
Alignment Fomor
Race Gremlin (Half), Kobold (Half)
Occupation Manager
Location Forge, Berbhe

Macklin is the owner of the Berbhe Forge. He's the definition of a gentle giant. He leaves all the work to Jornin. The townspeople hold him in high reguard.

Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • It's rare to find this much sunlight underground. I knew this town was in a perfect spot the seconds they started buildin'it.
  • Don't get discouraged if people treat ya like an outsider. We have our reasons, and ya just gotta respect that.
  • Ya know who's really strange? Culann. Not sure if it's an ogre thing or just a Culann thing, but he's an odd one.
  • If I knew Lorgrach would die, I'd have forced him to drink the potion. He was just too damn proud...
  • I'm not too sure ho to reach the surface myself. I've heard rumors of a passage to the nort, bu that's quite the jorney.
  • I learned 'bout the Silent Knights completely by chance. Can ya guess how?
  • I showed Jornin the ropes on usin' the forge, and now she's an even better blacksmith than I am!
  • She'll be showin' ME the ropes soon enough, heh. Glad to know the forge'll be in good hands after I'm gone.
  • Jornin? I took her in when she was just a wee little runt. She's all grown up, but she'll always be a little runt in my eyes.