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Lord Glas Ghaibhleann
Lord Glas Ghaibhleann (Enemy).png
Type Glasgavelen
Location Ben Chenner Slopes
(Boss of Temple of the Fallen Moon and Light and Shadows)
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 3


Related Titles[]

  • Glas Breaker
  • Destroyer of Lords
  • Acrophobic
  • Heavens Piercer


Regular Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.
Normal / Hard Mode Terminus Sentinel's Feather, Terminus Sentinel Chain Link, Terminus Sentinel's Armor Fragment, Terminus Sentinel's Nail Fragment Terminus Sentinel Essence: Weapon, Terminus Sentinel Essence: Shield, Terminus Sentinel Essence: Giant Shield, Terminus Sentinel Essence: Leg Armor, Terminus Sentinel's Seal: Hand Armor, Terminus Sentinel Essence: Helms, Terminus Sentinel Essence: Leg Armor, Terminus Sentinel Essence: Feet Armor, Journeying Enchant Scroll
Hero Mode
Break Offs

Quest-Only Drops[]

Break Off Tips[]

  • Location: Both upper arms' arm-guards
    • Number of hits: 2 (1 per flinch, 2 times)
    • Reward: Extra core
  • The breakoff can be only done with the Judgement of the Goddess spears obtained in the room.
  • Lord Glas's barrier must be removed before you can break off.
    • When Lord Glas's barrier is broken and he goes down on one knee, spears that hit the armguards do not count for the breakoff.
  • The easiest way to do the breakoff is to have characters use 100% knockdown skills such as Hurk's execution or Fiona's shield charge. The party can then spear one of his armguards while he is knocked down.
    • Any skills that locks Lord Glas into an animation such as 1000 sp disables (Meteor Storm, Crushing Assault, Bunker Buster, etc) will prevent breakoffs. This includes Delia's Supernova and Kai's Prey Dive.
  • The party should be informed before hand which armguard should be broken first and that nobody should be using skills that prevent breakoffs.
  • Players should avoid standing infront of Lord Glas while people are spearing, as they will block the spears.

Battle Skills & Attacks[]

  • One swipe of his blade (covers most of the area around him).
  • Two swipes; can be followed with a stab of his sword into the ground.
  • Stabs its left blade into the ground, then sweeps its right blade around. May be followed by 1-2 more swings.
  • Stomps the ground with his left leg.

After Glas's Health drops to about half of 9, the room shifts to reddish one and Glas gains some new attacks:

  • Crosses his swords, stabs the ground with either of his swords and creates light-blue portals, which can suck players in.
    • Falling into the portal on the unneeded time results in death from falling from the ceiling.
  • Stabs both swords into the ground and slowly raises them, creating anti-gravity field (similar to Evie's SP:Reverse Gravity). This attack is proven deadly and can result in party wipe.
    • At least one portal should exist in order for him to use this skill;
    • The colour of portals shift to light-gray and forms a pushing field around it.
    • In order to survive his gravity attack, you must stay in the pushing field of the portals;
    • After the attack, portals shift to their regular color and retains it's pulling ability; Be careful not to fall in it.
  • Flies up into the air and after some time drops down and slash.

Tips & Advice[]

  • As soon as he starts his second phase, he will immediately cast his divine defense. This will make him immune to flinches, deflections, and SP skills (although damage will still be inflicted with Evie's).
  • To stay unharm when Lord Glas does Reverse Gravity, stay within range of gray spheres on the floor. Be careful not walking into the portal as it will instantly kills you.
  • Glas will be immune to all holding skills (Extermination, Cyclone etc.) when he activates his barrier. Breaking his barrier (spearing him in the neck with a Judgement of the Goddess) will allow you to use your holding skill.
  • It is possible to stun and deal great damage to Lord Glas by grabbing Judgement of the Goddess, a special spear obtained from boxes lying around the room. When Lord Glas does Reverse Gravity, spear any part of his body (anywhere that showing his skin i.g. head or arms). You will receive a buff with blue light surrounding you. Then make sure you have an extra spear and jump into the portal; you will fall right on Glas's back, spearing him in the back and removing his barrier and all portals.
    • When you remove his defense, you will be able to use Deflection against him.
  • You can carry maximum 2 Judgement of the Goddess. Supposedly, you can only get a 2nd spear when there are 3 portals active.

Additional Notes[]

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