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Lonely King Req. Level:
You must have completed the story "A Magician's Secret".
Shayla (NPC).png Shayla (NPC).png
Starts with Shayla Ends with Shayla
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Shayla at The Forge.
2. Find the Yeti King's Heart in Battle Quest Revived Fear.
3. Talk to Shayla at The Forge.
4. Find the Blood of Madness in Battle Quest The Howling Soul.
5. Talk to Shayla while holding the Yeti Research: Black Magic.
6. Complete Battle Quest Irukul.
7. Talk to Shayla at The Forge.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 23,000 Gold (Icon).png 93,700 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png
Title (Icon).png   Title
Encountered a Legend
Story Dialogue
Talk to Shayla.
Shayla (NPC Icon).png Shayla

It's been awhile, hasn't it? Miss me? Heehee.

You really should visit me more often.
The Forge isn't exactly the most exciting place.

And honestly, I'm a little sick of hearing how much
Ferghus's shoulder hurts from "all that hammering."

Hey, is that a book?
Since when do you read?

Here, let me have a look.

Oh my. This is quite a find.
This is all about ancient legends.

[You select "Give"]

Shayla (NPC Icon).png Shayla

What? Are you... giving this to me?
Why would you do that?

Aren't you a little sweetheart.

Fine, I'll accept it, then.
Thank you.

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Delivered [[Yeti Research: Black Magic|Yeti Research: Black Magic]]
Shayla (NPC Icon).png Shayla

Could I look it over real quick?
I'll tell you if I find anything interesting.

I really just need something to do...

Shayla is looking for you. Go to the Forge.
Shayla (NPC Icon).png Shayla

Hey there. I got something interesting for you.

Legends are rarely worth chasing, you know.
Too much risk, not enough evidence.

However, some of the items in this book
have actually been found. Like yeti...

So, I found a story that interests me.
If you can run an errand for me, I'll share.

I mean, if not, whatever.
The whole thing could be fake...a myth.

All your trouble would be worth nothing,
and I...well, it's not like I'm risking anything. Haha!

But! If what's written here is true,
I'm sure you'll be very, very interested.

So, what do you say? Bring me the heart
of the special yeti from Hoarfrost Depths.

If you can get it here, I'll share
the story with you.

Find the Yeti King's Heart in Battle Quest Revived Fear and bring it to Shayla.
Shayla (NPC Icon).png Shayla

Did you meet their king?

Haha, very nice.
I can always count on you.

This is said that whoever has this heart
can summon the legendary Irukul.

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Delivered [[Yeti King's Heart|Yeti King's Heart]]
Shayla (NPC Icon).png Shayla

Have you heard of Irukul? According to this book,
Irukul is a legendary beast, worshipped by the yeti.

Unlike other uncivilized tribes, the yeti's religion
is based on something real.

The name Irukul means Ice Mountain
in the yeti language.

It is a giant monster with
a shiny thick skin that even a sword cannot penetrate,
a strong jaw that can crush an ice pillar with a single bite,
and a long, sharp, giant jaw.

This book says the yeti worshipped
and obeyed this beast as a violent god.

It also says that it would take a heart from
among their own and offer it as a sacrifice.

Hee hee. Sorry, I just can't believe this monster was
feared by the yeti,as [sic] violent as they are.

So...I've found evidence that Irukul existed,
but there are no sightings in recent history.

Of course, I'm not sure the author of
this book would be man enough to hunt for such a beast.

But what about us?
Don't you want to turn this legend into reality?

I mean, you can go deep within Hoarfrost Hollow,
to the places where Irukul would actually be.

But if you're going, you'll need a plan.
When these hearts...leave their owners,

they decay quickly.
We need some way to keep them beating.

Yeah, I know, sounds lovely, yeah?
But just think of the payoff...

I've heard there's special blood that would serve our purpose.
I don't know much more than that.

Just look for blood that's, I don't know, special.

Blood that can revive the dead.

Find the Blood of Madness in Battle Quest The Howling Soul and bring it to Shayla.
Shayla (NPC Icon).png Shayla

Did you find the Blood of Madness?

You brought it. Good. Give it to me
and I'll show you something neat.

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Delivered [[Blood of Madness|Blood of Madness]]

(Shayla pours Imich's blood on the heart.
The cold, dead organ begins to beat.)

Shayla (NPC Icon).png Shayla

Haha! Look at that!
Isn't it amazing?

Imich's boiling blood does not solidify,
so it can resuscitate a dead heart.

With this, we can keep the yeti's heart
beating as long as we need.

The yetis used offer a still-beating heart
of one of their own to their god.

I'm sure Irukul will remember that.
So this is what you need to meet him.

How about it, <Grimden>?
Are you ready to meet the yeti god?

(Shayla stares straight into your eyes.)

Shayla (NPC Icon).png Shayla

All right.
Then there is one more thing I need to tell you.

This cave you're going to saw the brutal deaths
of a lot of yetis, often at the hands of their fellows.

Theirs was a violent and bloodthirsty culture,
so if you face their god, be ready for the worst.

I suggest taking your Spear or a Chain Hook.
You're going to need some kind of edge.

Keep your eyes open.
And don't forget to look up...

(Shayla hands you
the Yeti King's Heart.)

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Reward: Resuscitated Heart
Shayla (NPC Icon).png Shayla

If you use this, Irukul will find you.

Come back alive.
I want to hear the story.

Go see Shayla after you return from Battle Quest Irukul.

[Dialogue moves to next section after completing the Battle Quest Irukul.]

Tell Shayla that you have arrived safely after your encounter with Irukul.
Shayla (NPC Icon).png Shayla

You're back! You made it.

While you were gone, many people started asking about the yeti legends.

I think we may have started something...

Now that you've proven Irukul's existence, everyone's going to be wanting things from him.

That's just the way things go with these legendary creatures...

I'll let you know if I need anything.
You know, a real job for a treasure hunter.

And hey, thanks for everything.
You really did something amazing here.

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You received the title: Encountered a Legend.
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Reward: 23000 gold