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Description of Columns[]

  • Name of Battle = The name of the Battle Quest.
  • Location = The place where the Battle Quest takes place.
  • Level = The minimum level required to start the Battle Quest.
  • Description = The in-game description of the Battle Quest.
  • Gold = The amount of gold earned for finishing the Battle Quest (not including Bonus Quests).
  • Exp = The amount of experience earned for finishing the Battle Quest (not including Oaths of Honor).
  • AP = The amount of AP earned for completing the Battle Quest for the first time.

Battle Quest is completed, down to this amount.

Crescent Moon Island[]

Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Earth Shaker Crescent Moon Island 65 This troll shaman is known to shakde the very earth with her blows. 8,300 312,100 45
Troll Hunter Crescent Moon Island 65 Legtrap Kaula is famous for taking her time to kill her prey. 8,300 312,100 45
Wasp Conqueror Crescent Moon Island 65 The Hive Queen does not forgive trespassers. 8,300 312,160 50
The Chief of Death Crescent Moon Island 65 Deathchief Kielbu borrows the strength of Lakoria to shock and terrify her opponents. 9,200 312,100 45
A Ruler's Refuge Crescent Moon Island 70 Lakoria rises from its slumber, furious to be disturbed. 11,300 925,300 45

Ship Graveyard[]

Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Stormy Seas Ship Graveyard 67 The sirens of the black seas provide only perils to passersby. 8,700 312,100 45
Appreciate a Pirate's Greatness Ship Graveyard 67 Ye be fightin' pirates pretty regularly, I hear. Bring me somethin' piratey. Somethin' that might catch me girl's eye. 8,700 312,100 50
Tone Deaf Siren Ship Graveyard 67 When the sirens stop singing, it is time for them to feast. 8,700 312,100 40
Appreciate a Pirate's Magnificence Ship Graveyard 67 Aha... I need a fine pirate weapon. A gun! 8,700 312,100 45
Lost and Damned Ship Graveyard 67 The undead will rise from the black water. 9,600 331,600 45
Treasure Hunt Ship Graveyard 67 Treasure is near, but so is Muckrot Monark. 9,600 331,600 45
Devil in the Water Ship Graveyard 70 The devourer has come. 11,300 925,300 50

Twilight Desert[]

Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Desert Passage Twilight Desert 70 Go to the desert where dusk falls. 9,000 925,300 45
Cave of the Reaper Twilight Desert 70 You need the power of Grim Reapers to hear a Grim Reaper's voice. 9,000 925,300 45
The Last Meeting Twilight Desert 70 Find the oasis's hidden secret. Something unimaginable awaits. 9,000 325,000 45
Voices in the Dark Twilight Desert 70 What are the Grim Reapers talking about? 9,000 925,300 45
Search for the Destiny Stone Twilight Desert 70 Since you told me the truth about this, you get the honor of going. 9,000 925,300 50
The Way Home Twilight Desert 70 Visit Iset. 9,000 925,300 45
Endless Questions Twilight Desert 70 Why is Iset there? 9,900 940,500 45
Underground City Twilight Desert 70 You must find the chief priest. 9,900 940,500 45
Desert Princess Twilight Desert 70 Princess Iset remains in the dark side of Twilight Desert. 11,800 1,256,200 50
Memory of the Past Twilight Desert 70 Go after Milo. 11,800 1,256,200 50
Death's Shadow Twilight Desert 70 Executioner Pantheum has cast the shadow of death upon the world. 11,800 1,256,200 50

Misty Summit[]

Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
No Man's Mine Misty Summit 75 Help Kean check out the mine. 9,400 1,256,200 45
Crumbling Mine Misty Summit 75 Uncover the true identity of the winged creatures. 9,400 1,256,200 45
Under the Moonlight Misty Summit 75 Visit the mine during the night. It is realy an Erg mine? 9,400 1,256,200 50
Just to be Sure Misty Summit 75 Is that really a Fomor? 9,400 1,256,200 45
Mine Rendezvous Misty Summit 75 Does Enzo really know the truth? 10,400 1,283,500 45
The Vanishing Magician Misty Summit 75 Where did Certhe end up? Look for clues. 10,400 1,283,500 45
Bizarre Machine Misty Summit 77 Did the Gremlins build this huge thing? What porpose could it server? 11,800 1,310,800 50
Into the Abyss Misty Summit 77 Go down to the deepest area to find Cethe. 11,800 1,310,800 50
Charles Expedition Misty Summit 77 You have arrived at the Mine after following Charles. What can be found here? 9,400 1,310,800 45


Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Desolate Malina Annwyn 77 The scourge of the Pontiff's court is here. Will you stand up to questioning by the terrifying inquisitor Ulchas? 12,100 1,310,800 50
Gates of Hell Annwyn 77 Survive the fury of Lavasat the Sentinel, and enter the volcano beyond. 12,100 1,310,800 45
Burning Temple Annwyn 77 A dance to the death at the heart of a volcano. Will you survive, or will the traitor reign supreme? 12,100 1,310,800 50
God of Death Annwyn 77 Cromm Cruaich, the god of Druids, the Crescent Moon, the Hills.. and Death. 12,100 1,310,800 50