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Description of Columns[]

  • Name of Battle = The name of the Battle Quest.
  • Location = The place where the Battle Quest takes place.
  • Level = The minimum level required to start the Battle Quest.
  • Description = The in-game description of the Battle Quest.
  • Gold = The amount of gold earned for finishing the Battle Quest (not including Bonus Quests).
  • Exp = The amount of experience earned for finishing the Battle Quest (not including Oaths of Honor).
  • AP = The amount of AP earned for completing the Battle Quest for the first time.

Battle Quest is completed, down to this amount.

Perilous Ruins[]

Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Mercenary Training Site Perilous Ruins 1 Train at the Mercenary Training Site for new recruits. The Training Site is located in the Perilous Ruins, which you can reach by taking a boat from the Dock. 100 300 0
Fomorian Emblem Perilous Ruins 2 The Perilous Ruins need to be investigated. Rookie, this means you. Go into the Perilous Ruins and see if the gnolls there are the same gnolls we saw at the bell tower, then report back to me. 400 1,000 30
Gwynn's Request Perilous Ruins 5 I heard that you fought that giant spider, the town guardian. You might be the right person for this job. Go to the Perilous Ruins and see if you can find a connection between the gnolls and that spider. Then report back to me. 900 1,900 35
Gnoll Assembly Area Perilous Ruins 7 It seems that the Royal Army marched to the Ruins. If the gnoll chieftains find out the Royal Army is coming in full force, they will retaliate. You must make sure that the Royal Army finds the ruins empty. 0 0 45
Decisive Battle Perilous Ruins 8 If war is inevitable, we might as well strike first. I've already ordered the entire Crimson Blade to assume position. Listen, I want you to lead this battle. Go to the Docks, gather some fellow mercenaries, and head to the Perilous Ruins. 1,400 4,200 50
Revenge Perilous Ruins 9 When I regained consciousness, I was alone. I can't return to Rocheste or face Keaghan like this. Please help me. Find the bodies of my fellow soldiers. Find out who was responsible, how they died... I have to know! 1,400 2,400 50
Red Ruins Perilous Ruins 9 Our scouts report seeing the Gnoll Chieftain again in the Ruins. You're familiar with the Ruins, so yu should be able to find him easily. Report back to me after the battle. 0 {{{xp}}} 0
Trampled Plains Perilous Ruins 30 The place was once a beautiful prairie, but now the Fomors have trashed it. But that place still holds memories... 2,500 16,800 40
Continued Training Perilous Ruins 80 Hear that trumpet? That's the training call. Get ready, everyone! 100 300 0

Hoarfrost Hollow[]

Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Hoarfrost Hollow Hoarfrost Hollow 10 My nemesis lives in Hoarfrost Hollow. If you happen to venture there, search through the deep caverns. He may be watching.. 1,400 2,800 20
Southern Rock Cliff Hoarfrost Hollow 11 Fomors at Hoarfrost Hollow? Strange... The Crimson Blades will head through the Southern Rock Cliff. Report back to me if you find anything strange. 1,600 3,400 25
Western Ice Passage Hoarfrost Hollow 11 The Royal Army will head through the Western Ice Passage. Since most of our troops are in Fobellow Prairie, we don't have many soldiers to send to Hoarfrost Hollow. Please assist the Royal Army as much as you can. The Royal Army will not let your service go unnoticed. 1,900 4,100 25
Another Slingshot Hoarfrost Hollow 13 Oh, I definitely need a new slingadingshot. Fun, fun, fun. I can count on you for one, right? I want one with greater strength and better shooting mechanics! 2,000 4,800 30
Final Slingshot Hoarfrost Hollow 15 I can't wait for my slingadingshot! You're getting it for me, hmm? Indubitably! Why, that's great news! 2,500 6,900 35
Fomorian Order Hoarfrost Hollow 15 Cadet Ellis reported a document stolen by a very quick kobold. Chase down that kobold. Something doesn't seem right about this... 2,500 6,900 35
Frost Stones Hoarfrost Hollow 17 Ever seen the giant Hemdrill in Hoarfrost Hollow? It feeds on rocks...and supposedly spits out precious jewels. Something about the way the ice crystals compress in its digestive system... 2,700 8,100 40
Brynn's Research Hoarfrost Hollow 18 Kobolds that drink potions... Interesting. Do the Fomors also have the ability to create potions? We must study this. Investigate this matter for me. 3,200 9,700 40
Meet The Cave Spider Hoarfrost Hollow 12 You obtained a strange scroll from the Spider inside a cave in Hoarfrost Hollow. It seems to indicate the place where your comrades may be. Go investigate. 1,900 4,100 25
Source of the Rumor Hoarfrost Hollow 18 Someone saw a kobold eating a Candle of Life. I wonder... Does that really grant immortality? 2,300 7,200 40
Kobold Chief Hoarfrost Hollow 19 It seems that the kobolds at Hoarfrost Hollow have been sent personally by Shakkar, the leader of the Fomorian forces. We must stop them from using Night Shade. 3,500 11,200 50
Dethrone the White Tyrant Hoarfrost Hollow 20 His hideout is deep in the depths of Hoarfrost Hollow and the entire area is infested with kobolds. It will be difficult. Good luck. 3,900 15,600 50
Prepare for Counterattack Hoarfrost Hollow 21 I'm surprised the kobolds chose Hoarfrost Hollow as a place to gather. Go there and disperse them before they have time to mobilize. There is no time! Leave now! 3,500 14,700 50
Culprit Behind the Disturbance Hoarfrost Hollow 27 Go to where Hoarfrost Hollow has suffered the most destruction. That seems to be where everything started.. 3,500 15,000 35
Spider Overload Hoarfrost Hollow 33 Technically, no one should enter without permission. But just once should be all right, I think... 4,000 20,400 35
White Tyrant's Challenge Hoarfrost Hollow 36 That bear has never before tasted defeat! Just as I was sought revenge after losing my master, he wants revenge on you. Will you accept the challenge? 5,800 37,800 50


Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
A Town Engulfed Ainle 22 Ainle fell to an invasion by the Fomors. It's also the place where Ulchas, the famous Inquisitor, was born. It's dangerous, but if you're curious, want to go? 2,200 7,000 20
Ellis's Trust Ainle 23 That Goblin was definitely strange...but I trust the Royal Army. I will go prove to myself that I was wrong. Why don't you help me out and come to Ainle with me? 2,300 8,000 25
Hell Beyond the Door Ainle 23 Use the key to pass through Ainle's inner gate and you'll get to the Common Pasture. They might still be there-- No, no. I saw nothing. Ainle's gone. That's all there is to it. 2,800 9,600 30
Wake Up Call Ainle 24 There isn't a moment to waste! Head to Ainle and find your cadet friend! Hurry, before it's too late! 3,200 12,000 40
Piercing the Crescent Moon Ainle 26 Ellis ripped a few pages out of his diary... He must've written it in the day before he disappeared. The ripped pages probably describe... No, I can't be of any more help. This was the last thing I could do for him... 2,900 10,800 30
Ulchas's Relic Ainle 27 I wonder if the Fomors destroyed the Ulchas Memorial. Did they steal everything hidden inside of it? If you happen to find out anything, do let me know. 3,000 12,000 35
Dead End Street Ainle 28 ... 3,500 15,000 40
Friend or Foe Ainle 25 I've been watching you... Curious about Ainle, are you? I wonder, are you a friend or an enemy? In time, the truth shall make itself known. 2,300 8,600 25
Being from the Other World Ainle 29 I'll be blunt. We don't trust you yet. If you wish to join those who guard the goddess, bring proof of your loyalty. Unravel the mysteries happening in Ainle. 3,700 16,800 50
Blood Prince Ainle 31 The being responsible for originally destroying Ainle was summoned from another world. However, this time, the being forced its way into our world on its own... Go investigate. 4,400 26,000 50
Awakening - Armor of Ivory Ainle 41 Whatewer destroyed Ainle was not of this world. And yet another has appeared in Ainle. But this time, it came of its own free will. We must know what it is. 4,400 24,600 40
Where the legend sleeps Ainle {{{min}}} This place was prohibited even before Ainle burned down. It's not easy to get to, either. But...that means you might learn something important there. 3,400 22,500 50
Regrets...Too Late Ainle 42 According to what you discovered, the place is full of a strange energy. Perhaps the letter you're looking for can be found where the monsters are gathering... 4,400 24,600 40
Shadowed by Darkness Ainle 43 If you wish to search for the diary, then do so. But I don't know whether finding it will bring you regret...or closure. 5,600 44,100 50
The Weeping Queen Ainle 58 Have you heard the recent rumors about the ghost? This is the place. I heard there's a giant white hand that bursts from the ground and drags people under... 6,900 71,400 50

Prairie Entrance[]

Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Prairie Gnoll Prairie Entrance 33 Soldier, if you're told not to go somewhere, there is probably good reason for it. But gnolls in the prairie is strange... Go and investigate. 2,800 16,300 40
The Pursuit Prairie Entrance 34 It says that a group of gnolls is amassing in Febellow Prairie. According to this letter, thay might be Dim Gray's troops preparating to lead the advaenture party. 2,800 16,300 45
The Fleeing Gnoll King Prairie Entrance 39 It's pretty pathetic that one who was once the King of an entire race ran away. Still, we should chase him and get rid of him once and for all. I will rely on you once again. 3,700 26,700 50
The Fomorian Leader Prairie Entrance 60 Speak to the leader of the Fomors and learn the truth. 2,900 34,100 50

Ruins of Sanctity[]

Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Red Archer Ruins of Sanctity 32 They say that having the fur of a Gnoll the same color as your hair can keep you from danger. It is said that the fur from the tail of the Red Gnoll, whom can be found shooting arrows in the Ruins of Sanctity, are especially potent. 2,600 14,900 35
Hunter at the Ruins Ruins of Sanctity 34 Have you heard of the Hunter Gnoll whose beautiful bow shoots arrows that never miss? Go and try to win against him. 3,200 20,400 40
Ruins of Sanctity Ruins of Sanctity 35 Please go to the Ruins of Sanctity. You may face enemies that are stronger than before so be careful. Please let me know if you find anything. 3,400 22,500 40
The Five Spider Brothers Ruins of Sanctity 36 You know Spider Webs can be be sold for a nice profit. Why don't you bring back some. I'll sell them at a good price for ya. Okay? 3,400 15,800 30
Gnoll King, Ruler of the Ruins Ruins of Sanctity 37 My fears have turned into reality. Now there is no choice but to march to the Ruins of Sanctity. We must defeat the Gnoll King before all the Gnolls can gather. Lead the way! 3,500 24,600 45
Goliath Ruins of Sanctity 38 Do you think you can chase away those Toads? Toads are a bit more than I can handle... 3,500 24,600 35
Hidden Ruins of Sanctity 41 We didn't see them. It's as if they were hiding, waiting for us. Perhaps it's our own fault for venturing there in the first place. Please help! 3,500 16,900 35
Nightmare at the Ruins Ruins of Sanctity 43 Deep inside the Ruins is that which shines in darkness. There you will meet a Giant Spider. 4,400 13,700 40

Hoarfrost Depths[]

Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Patrolling the Depths Hoarfrost Depths 42 We've sent warnings about the Fomors to each base, but Colhen's becoming more and more of a strategic location. We've been ordered to patrol the area more carefully. I entrust Hoarfrost Hollows to you. Try heading deeper in. 3,200 23,300 30
Snowman Alert Hoarfrost Depths 43 The snowmen-like creatures you saw were yetis. Bring back their horns. Then Gwynn will have no choice but to believe you. 3,400 25,200 30
Windgun Hoarfrost Depths 43 Get results before the father returns. Be sure to investigate everything. 3,400 25,200 35
Greedy Kobold Hoarfrost Depths 44 They say that Ekuloch is very greedy, that he stores up anything and everything he can get his grubby paws on. 3,400 25,200 35
Ocean Scent Hoarfrost Depths 45 You must bring back something that should not be at Hoarfrost Hollow...definitive proof! 4,000 33,900 40
The Yeti, an Ancient Race Hoarfrost Depths 46 Enter the Hoarfrost Depths and meet the Yetis. Try to communicate with them 4,000 33,900 40
Appearance of a Small Bear Hoarfrost Depths 46 I've heard reports of a certain kobold who travels with a small bear. That kobold possesses a sack that bears the emblem of the Pontiff's Court. Defeat that kobold and bring me that sack. 4,000 33,900 40
Hoarfrost Hollow in Flames Hoarfrost Depths 48 Fight the kobold that can cast magic. While you distract him, the main forces will attack Ezroch. 4,200 36,600 45
Big Horn Yeti Hoarfrost Depths 47 Yetis are a race that value strength. The strongest among them is crowned king. If you defeat wave after wave of yetis, their king is bound to appear. 4,200 32,900 45
Yeti King Hoarfrost Depths 49 Now you'll be able to meet the Yeti King. Even if you decide to forfeit, no one will blame you. 4,300 47,200 50
Madness Hoarfrost Depths 50 I have faith in you. Defeat the crazy Kobolds and return the Holy Artifact. I will pray for your safety. 4,300 39,300 50
Irukul Hoarfrost Depths 51 The always beating heart of the Yetis are the favorite food of Irukuls. If you bring this with you, you will definitely be able to meet an Irukul. I wish you good luck. 6,400 58,800 50
Proof of Courage Hoarfrost Depths 52 In order to enter the Royal Academy, you must be able to gather ingredients that only only found here and be able to defeat the enemies that appear there. Your qualifications will ultimately be decided by your will. 5,500 42,000 45
Revived Fear Hoarfrost Depths 52 None of us know anything about the creature that appeared. It may be stronger than any beast we've encountered before. Still, it is a very important battle. I pray for your victory. 6,400 58,800 50
Unfinished Business Hoarfrost Depths 52 It seems to be over... But something feels fishy. Be extra careful. 5,500 42,000 45
The Howling Soul Hoarfrost Depths 52 You should know who they're trying to revive... Quickly now, or you'll be too late! 6,400 58,800 50
Two Moons Hoarfrost Depths 52 The more condensed the magic, the more spirits the barrier stone will attract. I suggest you find a place where a lot of spirits can be found... 5,500 42,000 40

Hilder Forest Ruins[]

Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Beginning of the Memory Hilder Forest Ruins 53 Instead of having me try to explain it, go see for yourself. Once you'll understand. 4,900 36,000 30
Investigation Hilder Forest Ruins 54 To defeat any enemy, you must first find his weakness. Examine every enemy closely. Do not let a single troll slip away. 5,700 45,000 40
West Hilder Forest Hilder Forest Ruins 54 The mountain terrain here is so rugged, you'll rarely find any trolls, let alone humans. That's why this is the perfect spot to hide out if you don't want to be seen. 4,900 36,000 35
Habitat for Wild Plants Hilder Forest Ruins 54 Go to Hilder Forest to find a plant that can be used as medicine. Bring me a berry from that plant. 5,700 45,000 40
Forest Ruins Hilder Forest Ruins 55 This is the far end of Hilder Forest. Not much is known about this place, so whatever you find will be that much more valuable. 5,900 48,000 40
Fight That Must Be Won Hilder Forest Ruins 56 If this is what you really wish to do... Very well. You may go. 5,900 48,000 50
Shady Forest Hilder Forest Ruins 56 The main Bloody Shade plantation... Don't ask for details. A soldier like you ought to simply do as commanded. 6,700 67,200 50

Fomorian Base[]

Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Storeroom Fomorian Base 57 This is where we store our liquors and alcohols. But be careful, because Fomors show up sometimes. 6,100 40,800 35
Contact Fomorian Base 57 Remember. This could be a trap. But that does not mean that we will back down. If we are facing an inevitable fight, we should fight to win! 6,100 40,800 40
Rocktune's Cabin Fomorian Base 57 If you would like to go, then go. I will give you permission. But remember, you owe me a favor now! 5,000 38,400 35
Cadet's Challenge Fomorian Base 57 Immediately go to the Fomorian Base and investigate the enemy's movements. Everyone is responsible for their actions, and everyone much do their part. Understood? 5,900 38,400 35
Bandits Fomorian Base 57 I don't have enough wheat right now. The carriage that was carrying the wheat was attacked there. Go and recover as much wheat as you can for me. 6,100 40,800 40
Herb Lands Fomorian Base 58 Go and get me some plants that are good for hang... I mean, good for detoxification. It won't be easy because Fobellow Prairie is so barren. But the plant is still common, so you should be able to find a couple. 6,200 43,400 40
Rocky Wilderness Fomorian Base 58 This place was once famous because of the discovery of dolomite there. But now, only bits and pieces can be found. But we only need a bit, so you should be able to find something. 6,200 43,400 45
Lost Road Fomorian Base 58 Since you are the fastest, go back and find our comrades. But remember, you only have an hour. This is all the support that we can provide. 6,200 46,200 50
Fruitful Fomorian Base 58 There aren't many fruits in Fobellow Prairie because it is so barren. But you should still be able to find some. Ogres always carry a couple around, so you should be able to find some on the Gatekeeper. 6,400 46,100 40
Buried Sorrow Fomorian Base 58 This is... This is where my daughter lost her life. I don't know who or how she died, but this is the last place that I saw her alive. 6,400 47,200 45
Colhen in Flames Fomorian Base 58 We must get there quickly! They should be able to hold out until we arrive! 6,400 42,000 50
Pursuit Fomorian Base 59 You should go back to the prairie for the remaining soldiers! Make sure that no one is left behind. Got that? 6,500 47,200 50
Rescue Fomorian Base 59 You should be able to find Clodagh if you follow that bird. But please... Please take care of yourself! 6,700 51,600 50
Gremlin Lair Fomorian Base 59 This is the place where I saw the little friend for Prince! That means you should find him if you look around. I can't be sure, though. I've never been, since they say it's so dangerous... 6,400 46,100 45
The Secret Fomorian Base 59 This is not the place where I've seen the little ones, but it is certainly a place where gremlins can be found. That means that you should be able to find a gremlin's beak there, right? 6,400 46,100 50
Another Storeroom Fomorian Base 59 Remember the alcohol storage? I can't go because Krunk can't come with me, so can you go for me? I'll reward you well. 6,700 45,200 40
Reinforcements Fomorian Base 59 We have received information that the Crimson Blades are headed towards the prairie. They are probably in danger, so I am leaving to provide support. 6,700 41,900 40
The Investigation Fomorian Base 59 Since we now know that this mirror fragment is important, we cannot just overlook this issue. Everyone should look for the remaining fragments. 6,700 41,900 40
The Last Fragment Fomorian Base 59 You should know what to do to get the remaining fragment. Everything should become clear after this battle. 6,700 48,400 45
The Contract Fomorian Base 59 If you use the completed mirror, you should know where to go. Get going immediately. I have no patience for cowards and slackers. 6,700 48,400 50
The Giant Fomorian Base 60 You guys are right. We must face the monster. This time, retreat is not an option. I believe in all of you. 7,900 85,800 50


Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Ambush Sewers 59 The Pontiff was supposed to pass this way on his way to Rocheste, but he hasn't yet. Go investigate. 3,000 17,000 30
Pretty Green Beetle Sewers 60 I used to collect beetles in the sewer. Krunk would love a shiny beetle to admire, don't you think? 3,100 18,100 40
Where the Road Leads Sewers 60 The area has been deemed off limits for the general public. Try not to cause a scene. 3,100 18,100 40
Where the Sun Don't Shine Sewers 60 Investigate the sewers again. Try a different area this time. 4,400 18,100 40
Give a Beggar a Coin... Sewers 60 I accidentally dropped a coin into the Rocheste sewers. Please, please, please find the coin for me. 6,900 51,100 50
What the Dead Leave Behind Sewers 60 The dead depart from this world, but they leave their shells behind. Pipes made from their remains are stupendous. 6,900 51,100 50
Taking Initiative Sewers 60 If your conscience demands that you investigate, so be it. But do not return empty-handed. 6,900 51,100 50
Wet, Dark, and Mossy Sewers 60 Dark place. Wet. Lizard there. Hard for eyes see. Hoo-man find. Krunk wait here. 3,000 17,000 30
Sewers Sewers 60 If you're willing to spend gold for information, why don't you just go into the sewers and investigate firsthand? 3,100 18,100 30
Strong Drink Sewers 60 There's a strange wine that you can obtain from the Ratmen in the sewers. Can you find me a bottle? 6,700 48,400 50
The Dark, Dank Sewers Sewers 60 I'll let you and only you know where Gwynn went. But you will have to hurry, because she is quite far from here. 7,900 71,500 50

Ortel Castle[]

Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Secret Naughty Chamber Ortel Castle 50 With her ring, you can enter the Secret Naughty Chamber. But no one has ever returned from there. Are you sure it's a good idea to go? 3,600 22,600 50
The Inverse Blade Ortel Castle 60 This is a tragic loss, but we must take action. I grant you command of my soldiers. Go. Go, put an end to this. 4,900 18,200 40
Blade of Silence Ortel Castle 60 To defeat Ingkells, you must first defeat Silberin. Once he is defeated, find a way to Ingkells. 6,900 34,100 50
Ahglan the Golem Ortel Castle 60 This will be difficult, but you must discover the truth for yourself. Ortel Castle... Go there and find the truth. 7,900 71,500 50
The Central Garden Ortel Castle 60 It looks like you have already made your choice... I hope that you will not regret it. Be careful. 7,900 71,500 50

The Catacombs[]

Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Gatekeeper of the Catacombs The Catacombs 60 We have to get to Ainle before the sun sets. That's the only way we'll find the catacombs. Hurry! Dusk is coming... 6,900 34,100 40
Avatar of Destruction The Catacombs 60 What secret could possibly be so well-protected? To have such monsters guarding it... Everyone get ready. We're going to see this through. 7,900 71,500 50


Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Betrayal Albey 60 I will be waiting for you, human. If you can even make it all the way here... 7,100 71,500 50
The Evil One Albey 60 They will already be trying to summon the Evil One. It is up to you to stop them. You must hurry up, young soldier. 7,900 71,500 50
Colru the Golem Albey 60 There are supposedly Fomors who share one lifeblood. I wish some of my mercs would learn to be like them. 7,900 71,500 50

Unknown Area[]

Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Frosted Omen Unknown Area 20 The giant bear, Stribog, is said to make its home here. Wild reports have been popping up more and more frequently. Can you go and take a look? 7,900 395,300 50
An Ancient Race Unknown Area 30 The great Wenshardt's hometown is being overrun by his spiderlings. We owe it to his memory to put an end to their senseless destruction. 7,900 476,500 50
The God of Fomors Unknown Area 40 The enchantments in this area will summon the ancient beast. Elchulus, Lord of the Fomors, and you will know its fury. 11,000 720,500 50
Guardian of the East Unknown Area 40 The mighty Siglint coveted the power of Elchulus for his own. His arrogant rage will consume you all. 11,000 720,500 50
Guardian of the West Unknown Area 40 The great lord Beokros finds little meaning in your worthless human trivialities. You will bear witness to the frozen heart of terror. 11,000 710,500 50


Name of Battle Location Level Description Gold Exp AP
Earthborn Seal Heide 60 It will be okay.
I have faith in Keaghan.
11,000 71,500 50
Frostborn Seal Heide 60 The seal must be broken, but its keeper must be
destroyed first.
11,000 71,500 50
Timeless Rage Heide 60 Let us journey together... To the guardian of time. 11,000 71,500 50
Fate and Destiny Heide 60 Someone... Someone please help Keaghan! 11,000 71,500 50