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Well first of all, this guide is created by me, and this guide is for people who are not yet familiar with the 123 (or 113) method used in the raid "The Evil One".


Things you should do before going into a raid.


  • Feathers
  • PFs
  • HP Pots. You're going to need them. Especially the lurer.
  • Campfire Kits. EVERY MEMBER should bring one.
  • Good equipment. This goes for all raids; but Lionotus, in particular, calls for good DPS.

Do NOT Bring[]

Before You Start the Dungeon![]

Place the campfire in the following places:

  • One the FIRST floor underneath the cliff of the THIRD floor.
  • One on the second floor
  • One on the third floor. In the corner right by the cliff above the first floor.
  • Anywhere else you find convenient.

Stage One: First Floor[]

Run to the first floor where you have supplies of sticky bombs. Verafim has this annoying attack where he casts and shoots black orbs at you, AND he can heal Lionotus. Aim sticky bombs at Verafim to break off his staff so he can no longer use these moves. Otherwise, completing this raid will be quite difficult.

Stage Two: Second Floor[]

After breaking off Verafim's staff, either proceed to the second floor, or stay on the first floor (which the strategy a "113" rather than a "123"). Going to second floor, however, is recommended. This is where you trans. All you have to do in this stage is to put on as much damage as you can.

Stage Three: Third Floor[]

After everyone in your party's trans is out, immediately proceed to the third floor. This probably the most complicated stage. The reason why I said earlier that going to second floor is recommended is because you won't have to run as far when transitioning to step three. You would also want to consider the fact that Lionotus can JUMP to each floor. As I've said, this is the most challenging stage.

  2. Run to the third floor.
  3. Have two or three party members with the lowest DPS, lowest defense, and/OR are least skilled stay on the first floor where the cliff of the third floor is. Have at least one of your party members (usually a Fiona) lure Lionotus to the edge of the third floor. Lure by spamming the "sit" gesture and getting up. You do not have to be completely sitting when spamming.
  4. When Lionotus's rear is facing the edge, throw sticky bombs at his face to knock him backwards and off the edge so that he is hanging for his dear life. Or when his body is parallel to the edge, aim sticky bombs at his rear to knock it off.
  5. The lurer must be careful when luring because he can knock you off the edge. The fall eats quite a chunk of your health.
  6. The three players at the bottom should use this time to repair armor.
  7. When he's dangling, it's your chance to start putting on as much damage as you can. Because the members with higher DPS are on the third floors, you should be able to to put on enough damage to actually knock him OFF completely.
  8. Once you have knocked him off the edge and onto the first floor (*ahem*, where the two or three party members are), he will be stunned for a good while. This is the time where the two or three players at the bottom start attacking.
  9. The rest of the party members who are at the top should use this time to repair armor.
  10. Because the two or three party members that you chose to be at the bottom are the least skilled OR have the lowest stats, it is the lurer's job to be luring Lionotus back to the third floor when he is no longer stunned.
  11. Keep repeating stage three.