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Lavasat (Enemy).png
Type Boss
Location Annwyn
Boss of Gates of Hell
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 2


Related Titles[]


Regular Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.
All Modes
Lv. 50 - 69 Mode
Lv. 70 - 80 Mode Shattered Lavasat Horn, Lavasat Front Claw, Hellguard Iron Fang Expeditionary Enchant Scroll
Enlightened Enchant Scroll
Silent Enchant Scroll
Journeying Enchant Scroll
Declarative Enchant Scroll
Break Offs Lavasat Horn Shard

Quest-Only Drops[]

Break Off Tips[]

  • Location: Head armor spike (Frontal armor spike on back)
    • Number of hits: 5 (Can only be targeted after all other armor is broken; flinch counter does not reset when his armor is replenished)
    • Tips: Kai's Active: Hand Bomb, Kai's Active: Eagle Eye Assault, Kai's Magnum, Kai's Fixed Shot, Vella's Active: Frostbite is the best method, as your secondary weapon is replaced with chain hooks in the second part of the fight. The break off cannot be done in the first phase due to Lavasat being invulnerable. You need a good cooperative party to get his break off and people who know how to chain his horn; the right horn is widely accepted but the left horn may also be chained. Only when all of his extra armor is broken will flinches on the break off be counted toward the total. Lavasat does his lava charge every 70 seconds; 1 minute and 10 seconds.
    • Reward: Lavasat Horn Shard; the drop is not guaranteed similar to Druid's Druid Band

Battle Skills & Attacks[]

  • Claws with front paw.
  • Jumps backward.
  • Paws its front hoof and charges at a player, doing an uppercut with its horns at the end of the charge. The charge can be Clashed.
  • Shoots a fireball that explodes into several floating mines, mines explode on contact with players.
  • Roars, then leaps to the right, left, and finally right again.
  • Wiggles its body, then jumps up and slams down, causing a + shape area of effect explosion.

Additional Notes[]

  • The battle is divided into two phases:
    • Phase 1: Lavasat the Sentinel. At this stage, Lavasat is impervious to all damage. The four Hellspikes in the corners of the field must be destroyed to open a path to enter Phase 2.
      • Every time a Hellspike is destroyed, Lavasat will be knocked down for a few seconds.
      • There is a glitch which allows players to bypass the barrier in the first phase. If a Karok clashes in front of the barrier the animation will place him beyond the barrier, but if players are hitting a Hellspike the second phase will have the Hellspike HP bar at the top instead of Lavasat's. This can be avoided by having the Karok wait until the Hellspike's health is depleted to start the next phase.
    • Phase 2: Lavasat the Hellacious. Lavasat can now be damaged, but possesses six armor pieces that greatly increases its defense, which can be broken off. Every 70 seconds Lavasat will glow red and paw its front hoof and try to run into one of the lava corners to regenerate all its armor.
      • All players are automatically given 50 Steering Chain Hooks. They must use these hooks onto Lavasat's horns (either right horn or left horn, not both) and reel backward to steer Lavasat away from lava; aiming the hooks anywhere else on Lavasat's body will do nothing. If successful, Lavasat will instead run into a wall and be stunned.