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Laurys (NPC).png
Original Name Laurys
Alignment Pontiff's Court
Race Human
Occupation Pontiff
Location Cathedral, Rocheste

Laurys is the Pontiff of the Pontiff's Court, as well as the head of the church of Morrighan.

Despite his position, he wears a serene smile and speaks kind words for everyone. He has great faith in the ancient prophecies and unyielding trust in the goddess.

The prophecy must be kept. Those who question it do not deserve salvation.
Believe in the prophecy. Do not doubt it.
~ 'Laurys'


Laurys travels to Rocheste at the start of Episode 7, but is waylaid by Lizardmen on the way. After he is rescued, he can be found in the Cathedral, and bestows the Soldier Guardian title.

On episode 8 part 2, he's the one who sent Riordan to kill Keaghan along with the Captain and Gwynn.

Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • The Protection of the Goddess be with you.
  • Anguish can be turned into a desire for introspection. Think of pain as another trial on the path of the Goddess.
  • When the lives of all the Fomors have come to an end, we will meet the Goddess. And on that day, we will discover the path to Erinn.

Alternate Images[]

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