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This updated and edited version of the original guide will walk you through as you level. This skill guide is designed to prevent so-called 'ruined' Lann characters who put their APs in various but not-as-useful skills during the first few levels. When it says '(Story)' that means you can acquire the skill by completing the story quests, and when it says '(Skill Book)' it means that you have to purchase the appropriate skillbooks from Ceara in the Mercenary Outpost.

The rank followed after an arrow for each skill is 'recommended' rank. It is just a guideline so your actual level could be lower or higher than the 'recommended' rank. Do it with your own discretion, but remember that Vindictus is not a game in which you need to start a whole new character if you messed up by putting skill points in the wrong skill(s).

Also this is a general guide, look at more specific guides for a better result. As in if your going to be a Spear Lann then go to the Spear guide and if you are going to be a Dual Sword Lann then go visit the Dual Sword guide. So use this guide as a more general reference and use the more specific guides to base most of your decision on.

Level 1-5[ | ]

Skills Acquired[ | ]

Twin Swords[ | ]

If you plan to play as Twin Sword Lann, it is advisable to put some APs into Slip Dash Proficiency, because at level 4 you will need rank D in order to learn Nimble Dash.

Dual Spears[ | ]

If you wanna play as Dual Spear Lann, its always good to get your Slip Dash Proficency to rank D.Your have to stay swords till level 24 so rank this skill to D, but you can choose to put AP into Combat Mastery but slip dash is advised.

Level 6-9[ | ]

Skills Acquired[ | ]

Common[ | ]

Do not put any APs into Meditation as there really is no need for it. Every rank of meditation only lowers the time by a little bit, so don't waste your APs on that.

Twin Sword[ | ]

If you've put some APs into Slip Dash Proficiency to make it Rank D, then put some APs into Combat Mastery as its nice to have but not neccesary.

Fanning Slash rank this ASAP, you can unleash an additional attack that is awesome (and strong too). You can't get to Rank 9 now as Rank A requires lv. 20 and Rank 9 requires Lv. 30 but as I said, rank it ASAP when you reach the required level it's one of your best skills and you'll need in the future.

In the same sense, if Slip Dash Proficiency reaches numbered rank then you can actively use the invulnerability time in battle. If you plan to become an expert of dual swords, then you need to know how to use this invulnerable, but it sucks that it is not good until it reaches numbered rank.

Dual Spear[ | ]

You don't use Fanning Slash if you carry dual spears. Leave it be Rank F. Put APs into Combat Mastery.

Level 10-13[ | ]

Skills Acquired[ | ]

Common[ | ]

At this point you should have started using the Crimson Rage Set (Lv. 10). Around Lv. 32, most people start using the Blood Prince Set (Heavy Armor). Considering this, it is advisable to start putting some APs into Heavy Armor Proficiency up to D in advance.

Don't put too many APs into Twin Sword Mastery because they would be better spent in armor masteries instead. Putting APs into armor masteries increases durability and defense rating but putting APs into sword mastery only makes your weapon lighter.

Twin Sword[ | ]

The next couple twin swords only requires the at most rank E, so don't put too many APs into Twin Sword Mastery. Invest some into Heavy Armor Proficiency for Blood Prince set and Fanning Slash for the uber connecting move. Or show some love to your Lann by putting APs into Slip Dash Proficiency to increase invulnerability time.

Dual Spear[ | ]

If you wanna start using dual spear at Lv. 24, then you need Rank D of Twin Sword Mastery. However, you don't need to hurry just start putting APs in at around level 23~24 so for right now put some in Heavy Armor Proficiency for Blood Prince set.

Level 14-17[ | ]

Skills Acquired[ | ]

Common[ | ]

Invest some APs into Strength Mastery now so you won't have to later. It helps you to carry heavier objects during battles; throwing heavy rocks at bosses is extremely effective in team battle. So an early investment is advisable.

Levels 18-22[ | ]

Skills Acquired[ | ]

Common[ | ]

Lanns should focus on not getting hit, so Defense Mastery isn't as effective when compared to the AP the skill requires. If you want more protection, put AP into Defense Mastery but do it after you rankup most of offensive skills first.

When you finish 'Kobold Chief' battle you will acquire the story which allows you to obtain the skill Critical Rate after a quick visit to the mercenary outpost. If you finish the battle after that called 'Dethrone the White Tyrant', then you acquire Gliding Fury skill. First of all, Critical Rate Rank D is prerequisite for Gliding Fury so make this a priority. After you learn Gliding Fury, rank it up to E.

Critical Rate, Smash Mastery and Gliding Fury should eventually be Rank A no matter if you're a Twin Sword or Dual Spear Lann. However some skills need priority over other skills but it's hard to say for sure which ones.

For example, you need to score Critical Chance to execute Gliding Fury so it makes sense that Critical Rate needs to be pretty high, in order to land more Critical Hits. Some people put APs into this first in order to reach Rank A, but if you actually play the game, Twin Sword Lann's 3rd smash (attack x 3 -> smash) or Dual Spear Lann's 1st / 3rd smash (attack x 1 -> smash or attack x 3 -> smash) have some Critical Chance due to Rank D of Critical Rate and the willpower bonus from equipment and titles.

However, you also can't say you only deal damage with Gliding Fury that would be unreasonable. It's almost standard that you waste your normal attacks in air in order to land your final smash attacks on boss safely or use Slip Dash Proficiency and Double Crescent and then get away. You benefit from Gliding Fury only when you score Critical Rate. But with Smash Mastery, you benefit every time you land smash attacks.

Personally, it's Critical Rate > Smash Mastery > Gliding Fury.

Gliding Fury does a lot of damage amount even if it's Rank E, and you land far more smash attacks than the Gliding Fury themselves. Also it isn't such a bad idea to start putting some APs into training skills such as Strength Mastery / Willpower Mastery / Agility Mastery. You aren't too AP stressed at this point so it's advisable to rank them up from E to D. Remember Rank E is far much better than Rank F make these 3 at least rank E.

Twin Sword[ | ]

Again, go for Slip Dash Proficiency for the invulnerable time or Fanning Slash for the awesome connecting move.

Dual Spear[ | ]

Start putting some AP into for Twin Sword MasteryRank D as prerequisite for Twin Spear Mastery at level 24.

Level 24-26[ | ]

Skills Acquired[ | ]

Common[ | ]

Finally, Battle Respiration which is probably the most important skill to all Lann users. As soon as acquire this, stop putting any APs into any other skill and rank this up to Rank A. It doesn't require a lot of APs and you can immediately tell that it's working.

Stone Skin isn't really important as of now. As I mentioned before, if you didn't even put APs into Defense Mastery so that it's Rank D, you can't even learn this skill.

Now you will see signs of your AP supply is far below than AP that you need. Even if you are following what I suggested (i.e. Critical Rate / Smash Mastery / Gliding Fury / Strength Mastery), you WILL need more AP.

Twin Sword[ | ]

Hooray! for Double Crescent! DC is a skill that can be executed right after Slip Dash Proficiency and is a major damage dealing skill of Twin Sword Lann. If you reach Rank 9, you can even use this after Nimble Dash.

If you've invested APs into Slip Dash Proficiency (and used it actively during combat) you will find that your total damage is increased a lot as you can execute DC during Slip Dash Proficiency. However, DC doesn't improve that much when it is Rank E, so don't rush to rank it up so quickly.

Dual Spear[ | ]

If you wanna be a Dual Spear Lann, you should have achieved Rank D of Twin Sword Mastery. When you learned Twin Spear Mastery and Fury Infusion, you have a lot of decision to make. It's already complicated skill tree and then you have to deal with Fury Infusion.

Dual Spear Lanns can't use Slip Dash Proficiency. Instead they use Fury Infusion, although many Lann users question the efficiency of the skill. This is what Dual Spear users have, so they end up ranking it up to Rank A, and Fury Infusion is one of the most costly AP demanding skills. However, if you reach Rank 9 of Fury Infusion, you can use it while moving. This will make you into a better Dual Spear Lann, so you should put all your APs into Fury Infusion in order to reach rank 9 as quickly as possible.

However! It makes no sense to switch to using dual spears right after you reach level 24. The only dual spear you can use at this point is the Iron Twin Spear that you got from finishing the quest. But if you were using the Twin Red Metal Longswords, the damage and reach of the Iron Twin Spear aren't even close. The Red Metal Longswords clearly win. Then the Royal Guard Twin Spear (Lv. 26) is closer to the Red Metal Longswords but still does less damage if you have enhanced the swords. But it would make more sense to switch now if you want to start practicing with spears. At level 28, you get Executioner and this is where you start distinguishing yourself from the twin sword users.

Level 27+[ | ]

Common[ | ]

At this point in the game you should have a good feel for using Lann and its time for you to start deciding which skills you need. But before end this guide a quick suggestion, reach Rank A in Heavy Armor Proficiency before you hit level 34. Only recommended armor for Lann around this level is Blood Prince Set (5 pieces of heavy armor).

Combat Skills[ | ]

Twin Sword[ | ]

1. Slip Dash Proficiency

2. Double Crescent

3. Fanning Slash

4. Critical Rate

5. Smash Mastery

6. Gliding Fury

7. Lightning Fury

8. Stone Skin


If you are Dual Sword Lann you will need the Slip Dash Proficiency -> Double Crescent combo in order to damage so that comes first. As I mentioned above, Critical Rate, Smash Mastery and Gliding Fury will help you do damage so that should come next.

Then theres Fanning Slash rank it to 9 just for the extra attack. Last is Lightning Fury which is pretty useful but you don't really get to use it that much so just rank it up to Rank E and leave it till you have done all your other skills.

Windmill and Stone Skin are pretty useless skills and should only be ranked up if you have left over useless APs. Windmill can be useful but ranking it up doesn't make it that much better and you should have better skills to use anyways.

Dual Spear[ | ]

1. Fury Infusion

2. Critical Rate

3. Smash Mastery

4. Gliding Fury

6. Lightning Fury

7.Combat Mastery

8. Windmill

9. Stone Skin

Of course as a Dual Spear Lann Fury Infusion will take priority. Then the Critical Rate, Smash Mastery and Gliding Fury set. Again Combat Mastery is somewhat useful but you shouldn't be doing your main damage through normal attacks anyways so keep it a low priority.

Training Skills[ | ]

Common[ | ]

1. Strength Mastery

2. Willpower Mastery

3. Agility Mastery

Lann needs all of the training skills. Now it just depends on which ones to do first. Strength Mastery has top priority since it will increase the damage the most.

Then is Willpower Mastery since increasing willpower will in turn increase critical chance. Then Agility Mastery which increases helps with your regeneration of stamina through Battle Respiration.

Recovery Skills[ | ]

Common[ | ]

1. Battle Respiration

2. HP Potion Proficiency

3. Standing Endurance or Life Flare

4. Stamina Mastery

5. Health Mastery

6. Campfire

Towards the end of level 25 start saving up APs for Battle Respiration, yes its just that important. This beautiful skill helps Lann recover Stamina which is a great thing. HP Potion Proficiency is also really important but if you are so confident that you will not get hit at all then you don't need this skill.

Standing Endurance and Life Flare are also efficient as Standing Endurance grants some chance of getting invulnerability time so you can get out of a situation where your death is inevitable. This is good for Sword Lanns who can get knocked down as opposed to Spear Lanns who really can't be if they are in a combo. While Life Flare gives you a chance to survive an attack where you are close to death. This is good for Spear Lanns just incase your health is low from not dodging properly or or using Fury Infusion.

Health Mastery and Stamina Mastery require alot of APs so start investing in those after you rank up some of the other skills. Campfire is really useful as well for the party play. Rank A is super useful for boss battles.

Equipment Skills[ | ]

Common[ | ]

Not much to say here, for Twin Sword Mastery and Twin Spear Mastery, rank up only to meet your weapon's requirement. Lann will wear heavy armor during middle phase, then wear plate armor with some heavy armor pieces later on so give APs to Heavy Armor Proficiency and Plate Armor Proficiency. Both skill increase in durability and defense rating.

SP Skills[ | ]

Common[ | ]

1. Active: Fury No.7

2. Active: Berserker Spirit

3. Active: Slashing High

You learn Active: Berserker Spirit first then Active: Slashing High then finally Active: Fury No.7. Active: Berserker Spirit is somewhat useful but Active: Fury No.7 is much better.Active: Slashing High's efficiency is really questionable so I wouldn't recommend putting any APs into it.

Start putting APs in to Active: Berserker Spirit for the nice little party buff then after you get Active: Fury No.7 start putting points into that.

Notes[ | ]

This skill guide has been updated but still contains some information about unrelease data, but it should still be very useful. Feel free to correct any grammar mistakes. Also feel free to tell me about the guide on my talk page! I hope this guide helped you and thanks for reading it!

Edited and Updated by: Daytimefrogger