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The purpose of this guide is to enhance the success of Laghodessa Raids by shortening the necessary time and improve the safety of the whole party. For the purpose of convenient, this rush method can be refer to as "SRS", meaning Split Raid Style.

Creating a party[]

The key to a successful rush is to leave the spiders in a restless state. In order to achieve that, only a certain class should be selected for the rush. Which only includes good damage dealers; Spear lann, Scythe Evie and Hammer Fiona. Spear Lann and Scythe Evie are extremely well suited for this specific raid. If I'm to give a rating of priority, Spear Lann is 9.5, Scythe Evie is 10, and Hammer Fiona is about 8; the other three classes would obtain a failing rating.

A party leader with good connection is essential to all successful raids. Thus host a party only if your connection is wonderful. That being said, a good party title is another essential component in recruiting good members for the party. A few good examples would be "F12, Golden Spear Lann Only", "F12, Death Crown Scythe Evie Only", "F12, Armadillo Hammer Fiona Only" and "F12, Hammer Fiona, Scythe Evie and Spear Lann Only"

General Instructions[]

8 people are split into two groups of 4, first 4 focus on red, last 4 on green. Both groups should try to push the spiders together(if they are not too far apart), or lock them to a wall/corner whichever is more convenient. Everyone should be going all out, attacking nonstop. When being hit/knockdown, throw a palala before continue on attacking. Do not rez anyone unless the field has 3 or more deaths, then at that time, use party feather.

When entered the boss room, have at least 1 person to throw a palala to blind both spiders immediately, and everyone else should proceed to attack your assigned spider immediately after the cut-scene. Those assigned to the red should run pass the green from the narrow left passage between the eggs and green's legs.


Spam LLR when spider is not knocked down. Once spider is knocked-down, use stigma hammer and charge, must release at the moment when the spider is got up completely, and do not wait to charge any longer. Continue with LLR until the next knockdown.

  • If you have rA shield bash, use it to help knockdown spider.


Spam bloody threads. Use insane reaper whenever possible. When spider is knocked-down, try to summon a wisp then continue with bloody threads. USE GOLEM.

  • For pure Scythe Evie runs, wisps are not needed.


Spin2win, and try to spin at its legs from the side.

  • For pure Spear Lann runs, both groups should spin at the spider head on. This will have both spiders pinned at the back wall side by side, and can only be achieved with SRS at 100% success rate.

Lastly, If fortunately the spiders overlap, still do not forget to focus on your assigned spider. By following this guide successfully, raids should take no more than 3mins at max, and whole party wipe out should never occur.


Why should I trust this guide?

Answer is simple, because it works. With three characters at lvl44 and had lead more than 50 runs based on this style during 2x events. Everyone was amazed by the results at first, then after that raids became nothing more than "40 AP in 3mins". Members are chitchatting during breaks. If unfortunately someone died, one would ask "How did you die?"

Why should we split up? Wouldn't getting them together be better?

The probability of getting two spiders to overlap on purpose is less than often. However this overlapping almost always occur during pure Scythe Evie runs. View an overlap occurring as a bonus rather than a must. Focusing too much on getting them together can sometimes backfire at you. 4 people on a spider is sufficient to pin down a spider, when everyone going all out.

Why not summon a golem to tank one of the spider?

The first 20 seconds is very crucial to this raid. One would need as much man power possible to pin the spider to wall, it's then when it becomes unable to retaliate. An Evie running around making a golem is highly discouraged. On top of that, Letting out a golem to tank any spider is even more tedious, less than plausible. Spider would hardly focus on the golem if someone else is around it. In the end, golem would be chasing the spider while it's jumping around hitting everyone.

The green one looks stronger, can we split into 3 on red, 5 on green?

Never, ever split into anything but 4/4. 3 people will never be sufficient to pin a spider, and even if you did, that's just lucky. I've seen numerous run when 1 person's mistake jeopardized the whole party's safety.

A Few Observations[]

The reason I gave Scythe Evie a higher priority score than the well-known spear lann is because contrary to beliefs, Scythe Evie is more useful regardless of their already high damage output. Any Spear lann would agree bloody threads is amazing, and insane reaper prevents them from getting 2seconds exhaust time after a spin.

Successful Pure Scythe Evie rush traits: Everyone should have full HP if not taken no damage from either spiders. Spiders would come together in >90% of the runs.

Successful Spear Lann rush traits: Deaths should be rare, unless the party is split unevenly into 3/5 or worst. Spider would come together around 30% of the time if everyone just spin randomly. If the party is pro, the spiders would be pined side by side at the back wall 99% of the time.

Successful Pure Hammer Fiona rush traits: Unknown. To be added.


This guide is created by H1111. If there is any concern to this guide, just press "discussion" at the top of this page, and put down your idea there and save the page.