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Krunk (NPC).png
Original Name Kirunga
Alignment Fomors
Race Ogre
Occupation Barkeeper
Location Bar, Rocheste

Krunk is the barkeeper at the Bar in Rocheste.

Despite being an Ogre, Krunk seems to tolerate humans (or as he prefers to call them as, "Hoo-mans"). His age is unknown. For some reason he barged into the human camp was brought to the town by Brakis. Because of his ogre roots, he is feared by the common folk.

Krunk is almost always affable and cheerful, and seeing him furious is a rarity one can never see in him, which makes it easy for him to blend in with human society. On certain occasions, there are episodes that make people cry from laughter because of some cognitive and cultural differences between their races.

His size in incomparable with his profound knowledge and superb wisdom, but because he isn’t used to speaking the human language, his speech may sound a bit unclear.

It is stated that Krunk loved Brakis's daughter Elaine but not as a lover and perhaps simply grew fond of her and seeing her as a daughter he never had.

He can also teach you Weaponsmithing.

Want beer, I give. Beer for all!
~ 'Krunk'


Services Offered[]


Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "Not Fomor, hoo-man. Gnolls, goblins, different. Ogres, Fomors, different."
  • "Hoo-man, try frog poison? Good on food. Great in beer. Haha. Hoo-man, try it? Maybe die. Haha."
  • "Hoo-mans say we bad... Says we kill hoo-mans. But hoo-mans call we Fomor. Kill us. Hoo-mans bad. Maybe everyone bad."
  • "Beer good. Hoo-mans make beer. Hoo-mans good for something."
  • "Don't like hoo-man town. Like hoo-man beer."
  • "Hahaha... Why I here? Tell you later. Time comes... you know."