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Kirstie (NPC).png
Original Name Kirstie
Alignment Unknown
Race Human
Occupation Hunter, Merchant
Location Traveler's Shop, Colhen

Kirstie is a strikingly pretty red-headed hunter, an adventurer and one of the only two apprentices of the legendary hunter, Hakam.

She possesses ingenious strength and tenacity that are indispensable qualities of an adventurer. She passionately explains the difference between hunting and battling to anyone who will listen. Hunting is done for food and necessities while the sole purpose of a battle is to kill. Kirstie is skilled at crafting light armor.

The legendary hunter Hakam was her teacher, but he died after being mortally wounded by his last mark, the White Tyrant. Moreover, there seems to be some kind of story between Kirstie and Hakam’s daughter-in-law, Dolores.

She initially seems reserved, but once she opens up she's, honest and straightforward. Because of her immaturity at dealing with interpersonal relationships and expressing emotions, as well as her blunt personality, she was shunned by the villagers when she first arrived at the village of Colhen. But thanks to encouragement from Tieve and handling trivial affairs in the village, the villagers came to warm up to her.

Because of that, Kirstie has been very grateful to Tieve and started to care for her. Whenever Tieve planned to leave the village and travel to the temple by herself, Kirstie would always volunteer to act as her knight in leather armor.

She also is revealed to understand the gnollish language.

I've never fought a Fomor. Don't get me wrong, I'm not
afraid. I just don't kill purely for the sake of killing.
~ 'Kirstie'


In Episode 2: Shadow of the Fomor, you learn that Kirstie has a nemesis: a Giant Polar Bear.

In Episode 4: King of the Gnolls, Kirstie reveals to be an ally of the Gnolls and speak some of their language. Despite this, she is willing to battle against them, though mostly to protect them and remove them from Fomorian ranks.

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Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "I've never fought a Fomor. Don't get me wrong, I'm not afraid. I just don't kill purely for the sake of killing."
  • "People think gnolls are Fomors. They're wrong. Gnolls are no longer under the control of the Fomors."
  • "During hunting season, I close this shop and go hunting. Usually. But I can't leave town this year because of the Fomors. They're everywhere."
  • "Tieve talks about you. Always with a huge smile. She's never like that, oh, except when she talks about Keaghan."
  • "I accompany Tieve to the temple when I can. I've found traces of Fomor guards in the forest... That girl needs to watch herself. It kills me to see how oblivious she is."
  • "Visit anytime you want to hear about my adventures. I've seen some rare and mysterious things."
  • "Don't talk to me about legends or prophecies. I bask only in nature. I offer myself as a sacrifice to it. In return, nature provides me with everything I need."
  • "Course, I've bumped into Fomors now and again. Dunno about now, but then, I'd just turn and walk away. (Kirstie shrugs.) So would the Fomor."
  • "I'm not going to teach you how to hunt. Never been much of a teacher. But I've got a few books that could help."
  • "Don't leave town if you don't have to. Fomors have been sighted right outside Colhen."