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For the NPC, see Keaghan.
Keaghan (Enemy).png
Type Keaghan
Location Heide
(Boss of Fate and Destiny)
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 1


The commander of the Royal Army.

In order to defeat the dragon Elchulus, Keaghan consumed the beating heart of a Fomor. Corrupted by Fomorian blood, the commander of the Royal Army succumbed to madness and is intent on destroying everything standing in his path.

...Is this what is called destiny?


Normal / Hard Mode

Level: 66 Exp: 2,418 HP: 58,800
Att: 9,218 Def: 3,842 Crit: 64 Res: 54 CritDmg: 150%

Hero Mode

Level: 90 Exp: 2,418 HP: 3,850,000
Att: 16,400 Def: 13,000 Crit: 115 Res: 80 CritDmg: 150%

Related Titles[]


Regular Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.
Normal / Hard Mode Cursed Manuscript Scrap, Dented Swordsman's Shield, Shattered Lion Shoulder, Worn-Down Knightly Boots, Dominance Enchant Scroll, Well-balanced Enchant Scroll

Quest-Only Drops[]

Battle Skills & Attacks[]

Stage 1:

  • Swing his sword once, twice, or four times in succession.
  • Shoots out four homing projectiles, two at a time. These target one player each, twice.
  • Very slowly raises his hand and launches four projectiles at once. These target one player each.
  • Teleports and attacks players like the Blood Lord. Always follows up with one of the sword attack variations upon appearing.
  • Grabs a player and transports them to the Devil Statue.
  • Creates a vertical red circle near him as well as a black outline circle on the ground. After a short delay, pulls a single player in the circle to him and impales his sword into them, instantly killing that player.
    • He only uses this if someone fails to kill the Devil Statue.

Stage 2:

  • Swings his sword up, causing an explosion in a line in front of Keaghan.
  • Swing his sword once, twice, or four times in succession.
  • Quick Sideway slash.
  • Causes delayed explosions around the area in small red circles. There are several pattern variations for this. Players who touch Keaghan while he is placing the circles will get shocked.
  • Creates a giant red and black whirlwind around him that slows movement. After a delay, this pulls players in the whirlwind to him and causes a large explosion. Keaghan is invulnerable during this attack.
  • Creates a vertical red circle near him as well as a black outline circle on the ground. After a short delay, pulls a single player in the circle to him and impales his sword into them, instantly killing that player.
  • Places a black and red vortex on the map. This slows movement and explodes after a delay.
  • Shoots a red homing projectile and then a bigger black homing projectile at one or two players.
  • Prepares for a little while, then causes an explosion around him many times in the shape of a circle while having protrusions of red explosions coming out of the inner circle.

Tips & Advice[]

  • Before entering the battle it is recommended to bring wood with you, so you can build a campfire in the battle ground. After the battle starts, immediately lure him away from the party so he doesn't break the wood.
  • If you are a Kai and another player has been teleported to the Devil Statue, it is possible to help that player destroy the Devil Statue by using longbow attacks and skills.
  • For players under 8k defense, bringing a Regular Ironhide Stimulant, Superior Ironhide Stimulant or Exquisite Ironhide Stimulant is recommended, depending on which one is able to be used. These will greatly improve survivability for a minute, and should be used after Keaghan transforms.
  • If someone incapacitated near the "wall"( the force field that covered the room), be careful when using Revive, because if the Revive progress get interrupted, the body could fall through the force field and lie outside the room, making it potentially impossible to revive or feathered that person.
  • During Keaghan's second stage, many of his attacks are unblockable by normal skills, but can be dodged by invincibility frames. You are able to block his four-hit combo, the inner circle of the many-explosions attack (but not the red protrusions), and the homing projectiles. You are able to block the single sword slash of the attack that causes an explosion in a long line, but doing so will cause you to get hit by the unblockable explosion.
  • Keaghan's slash and projectile attacks track very well. Take caution even if he is not attacking you, as an attacked teammate might run towards you making keaghan's projectiles hit you.
  • For Cross Gun Kai, it can be a good idea to have your back touching a wall when doing Active: Bolt Storm as it can help prevent you from slowly sliding back into the targeted red spots.

Additional Notes[]

  • Keaghan has two stages. Stage 2 begins after lowing his HP some amount, where Keaghan transforms and the background music changes. His defense increases and his attacks change.
  • Keaghan's landmine explosions, insta-kill and vortex can be interrupted by flinching him or by using SP: Reverse Gravity.
  • Once Keaghan grabs you and teleports you to a corner, there will be a Devil Statue that must be destroyed in one minute in order to get back to the battle. Destroying the Devil Statue stuns Keaghan for a few seconds. If unsuccessful, that player will be teleported back to the main fighting area (whether dead or alive) and make Keaghan to use his instant-kill move.
  • It is possible for Keaghan's insta-kill move to sometimes work during the player's transformation animation where the player is invulnerable, so don't rely on quickly transforming for invulnerability too much. If you must, transform as soon as you see the black outline instead of the moment he lifts he activates the attack (transform early). Using Mana Amber, Blink, Slip Dash, Roll (Spear Lann), Kai's Evasion, Kai's Active: Dodge Grapple, SP: Shield Bash or a 4-bar SP skill that gives invulnerability can bypass this attack while still within Keaghan's range.
  • Keaghan can be slowed by Evie's Alchemy Kit: Mana Pistol.
  • Keaghan will still use his instant-kill move in Easy Mode, so watch his attacks carefully.

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