200px-Karok creation

On November 4th, 2010, Nexon unveiled the 3D screenshots of the new character Karok for its next-gen action MMORPG Vindictus, and officially introduced the big man with a strong body and strong muscles to the players.

Karok's Release date in KR version is December 14th 2010!

Karok, the fourth character in Vindictus, has attracted players' attention since Vindictus (KR) released the update info in October. From the screenshots, players can find that Karok is a gigantic creature with muscular arms, who can give huge pressure to the foes even when equipping no weapons. So, imagine the incredibly great damage he'll do if equipping his main weapon - huge stone pillar.

The company still confirms that they are endowing Karok with new skills that haven't been planned before and are capable of making Karok more brilliant.


From the screenshot, we can see that Karok does have a gigantic body, and can easily cover others behind him. In this respect, the development team is working to adjust his body shape. Though looking horrifying, Karok is not a demon from the hell at all. He actually has a good sense of humor, and often shows his loveliness. He takes a gigantic pillar as his weapon, and every time he wields it, little opponents around him are very likely to be killed in an instant.

Sets for Karok


The Suit of Kablan Mercenary GroupEdit

The concept art shows Karok's suit at the early stage. Why Karok joined the Mercenary Group is still an unsolved mystery.

Karok's Exclusive SuitEdit

Karok's such look easily reminds us of the most primitive and most barbarous power. The character in the concept art is dark-skinned, but gamers are allowed to customize his skin color upon character creation.

Barbarous Leather SuitEdit

Karok killed a gigantic polar bear, and used its skin to make the suit. But Karok is so big that a totally different feel is created when he wears the suit.