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Juggernaut (Enemy).png
Type Machinery
Location Misty Summit
Boss of The Deep Mines
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 2


Related Titles[]


Regular Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.
All Modes Coin Pouch
Lv. 70 - 79 Mode Juggernaut Arm Spike, Juggernaut Power Conduit, Juggernaut's Claw, Misty Summit Source
Lv. 80 - 90 Mode Dark Essence, Ruined Steel Mask, Juggernaut Arm Spike, Juggernaut Power Conduit, Juggernaut's Claw, Misty Summit Source Righteous Enchant Scroll
Enlightened Enchant Scroll
Silent Enchant Scroll
Journeying Enchant Scroll
Declarative Enchant Scroll

Quest-Only Drops[]

Battle Skills & Attacks[]

  • Flesh arm (right arm):
    • Hand and mouth filled with poison, Juggernaut swipes his arm from right to left, leaving behind a trail of poisonous smoke.
      • Poisonous smoke will stay for a short period. It damages and poisons anyone who enters/re-enters the area.
    • Leans on his elbow, then flips his body to the left.
  • Machine Arm (left arm):
    • Quick jab.
    • Swipes from left to right.
      • Long start-up animation.
    • Slams the ground with his arm, dealing damage in an AoE, then swipes with right arm and falls over.
      • Long start-up animation.
    • Roars, shoots out his claw at a target and grabs it, then slam the ground, dealing massive damage to the grabbed target.
      • Long start-up animation
      • Also deals minor damage in an AoE when he slams his arm.
    • Leans on his elbow, then flips his body to the right.
  • Leaps to the ceiling, then either:
    • Crashes down on his back.
      • Watch out for the stretch-out left arm when he drops (large hitbox).
    • Strikes down with his left arm. (Karoks can Clash this attack)
  • Roars, his hind legs move violently, then charges forward. Juggernaut might not travel as far if he collides with a player, but he will still deal damage
  • Slams down both arms. This causes a flinch and does not hit targets behind him.
  • Jumps backward.
  • Shoots out a lightning bolt that bounces between target. It will stop bouncing if it miss its target.
  • Roars and slams both arms to the ground, knocking away all players around him (minor damage). Juggernaut will try to reach the center of the room:
    • Juggernaut can repeat this attack many times if surrounded.
    • After successfully reaching the center of the room, Juggernaut will become invincible, it will shoot out many bombs and start charging:
      • Lightning will strike across the room.
      • Bombs MUST be picked up and thrown at Juggernaut to stop him from 'recharging'. 10 bombs must strike Juggernaut to stop him. Bombs will explode on their own after a while, dealing damage to nearby players.
    • Stopping Juggernaut from charging up will cause a system message notifying players that his face is vulnerable. He will take extra damage for a short period. (About 30% increase in damage)
    • Fail to stop Juggernaut from charging up, and he will hang onto the ceiling and have new attacks:
      • Grabs a player and slams them against the ceiling, instantly killing them.
        • Long reach.
      • Shoots out a bouncing lightning bolt.
      • Shoots poisons at all player. The poison will spread into an AoE when it touches the ground.
      • Crashes down on its back and goes back to his normal patterns.

Tips & Advice[]

  • In bomb phase:
    • Do not stand close together, spread out so the party can gather the most bombs, also to avoid getting hit by lightning that target other players.
    • Lightning will strike a few seconds after Juggernaut starts charging, enough to pick up 1 bomb and throw it.

Additional Notes[]

  • Damaging the mask will reveal the inside of Juggernaut's skull to be hollow with a glowing core inside.