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Jornin (NPC).png
Original Name Jornin
Alignment Fomor
Race Cassian
Occupation Blacksmith
Location Forge, Berbhe

Can be usually find at the Forge at Berbhe.

Services Offered[]


Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • I'm not sure I trust you just yet. But you did rescue Gertrude and Rema...
  • I respect that.
  • Yeah, I'm a Classian. Never seen one before? Of curse you haven't! We'd never join the army.
  • Classians hate being told what to do.
  • Macklin's a good man. He found all of us. I remember when he rescued me. I was just standing in the rain, hopeless...
  • He's not just a Nemedian, but a human? Hmmm... Wait a minute. Have you met my sister?
  • Her name's Dianann. SHe sould've been back by now. I wonder if she's okay...
  • Anyone who wants to stay in this town must take the potion. It's the law...
  • Well, except for Lorgrach. He didn't take it. My guess is it's because he was on of the Silent Knights.