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Jarlath (NPC).png
Original Name Jarlath
Alignment Magician's Guild
Race Human
Occupation Mage
Location Magician's Guild, Rocheste

Jarlath is a magician usually found in the Magic Laboratory in Rocheste.

Being both an alchemist and scholar, Jarlath is quite wise, but once someone questions his abilities, he is prone to anger. He seems to harbor an inexplicable inferiority complex towards Reilly whom he treats as a lifelong rival, but the old man in question doesn’t even acknowledge his existence.

When talking to him, it’s not so difficult to see that Jarlath pays great attention to educated, judgmental, and simply decent people, and prefers that his time not be wasted with trivialities.

He will teach interested players the Goldsmithing profession.

Please, do not compare me to
someone as contemptible as Reilly.
~ 'Jarlath'

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Chitchat Quotes[]

  • Blast it... Did I really fail again? If Reilly can do this, I must... (Jarlath suddenly remembers you standing there.) Right, nevermind. Let's move on.
  • Magic is a very interesting area of study. You mustn't let it intimidate you. If you accept it and try to understand it, even you could grasp the basics.
  • Magic is always near us. Keeping food from rotting, or making something heavy light enough to be carried. People take it for granted, but they use magic on a daily basis. Think about your weapons and armor that have been infused with magic. That should give you some perspective.
  • Reilly? You know Reilly?(You nod.) Is he still a moron? (...)
  • Please, do not compare me to someone as contemptible as Reilly. A magician must know how to maintain class and dignity. Comparing me to someone like him is, frankly, the biggest insult I can imagine.
  • What are you curious about? Magic? Magic is nothing to trifle with. You must study hard and memorize countless spells. And that's to say nothing of the natural aptitude you must possess.
  • Research never ends. We must constantly evolve with the world around us.


  • A Corrupted Alchemist by the name of Jarlath appears in Mabinogi: Fantasy Life.

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