Vindictus Wiki

Item quality changes the statistics on weapons, armor and accessories. Items crafted through NPCs will always be 2 star quality. Items crafted through expertise can have 1 star quality, 2 star quality, 3 star quality or 4 star quality. Certain items can be rarely dropped by certain bosses with a 3, 4, or 5 star quality. For instance, Stribog can drop 3 star Sweetie Bear pieces, Glas Ghaibhleann can drop 4 star Raider's pieces, and Hero sewer bosses can drop 5 star Ingkara, Chiulin, or Frostheart Hunter pieces. Higher leveled equipment has more noticeable statistic bonuses for being of a higher star quality because the increases are percentage-based on base stats of the item. Quality on existing items can be increased using a Lubber's Sketchy Quality Coupon or a Quality Booster Coupon.

Quality Strength/Agility/Willpower/Intelligence Attack/Magic Attack/Defense
1* 80% 96%
2* 100% 100%
3* 115% 102%
4* 120% 104%
5* 125% 106%

  • Example of quality affecting weapons:

Twin Red Metal Longswords
Quality 1: ATT +2,271/STR +3/AGI +23/INT +6/Critical +17/Balance +75
Quality 2: ATT +2,294/STR +4/AGI +30/INT +8/Critical +17/Balance +75
Quality 3: ATT +2,316/STR +4/AGI +33/INT +8/Critical +17/Balance +75
Quality 4: ATT +2,362/STR +4/AGI +36/INT +9/Critical +17/Balance +75

  • Example of quality affecting armor:

Exquisite War Edge Battle Helm
Quality 1: DEF +341/STR +22/WIL +4/Critical Resistance +6
Quality 2: DEF +348/STR +28/WIL +6/Critical Resistance +6
Quality 3: DEF +351/STR +30/WIL +6/Critical Resistance +6
Quality 4: DEF +358/STR +33/WIL +7/Critical Resistance +6

  • Example of quality affecting accessories:

Thorn Ring
Quality 1: INT +57/AGI +13
Quality 2: INT +72/AGI +17
Quality 3: INT +82/AGI +19
Quality 4: INT +86/AGI +20

  • Example of a 5 star quality versus 2 star quality. Expertise can craft upwards of 4 star quality, and 5 star quality rings drop off of Thor or are made using quality increasing coupons.

Ghostly Ring
Quality 2: STR +47/AGI +21/INT +67/WIL +25
Quality 5: STR +58/AGI +28/INT +83/WIL +31