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Irukul (Enemy).png
Type bear
Location Hoarfrost Depths
(Boss of Irukul (Battle))
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 1


Normal / Hard Mode

Level: 58 Exp: 1,890 HP by Group Size - 1: 416,160 2: 416,1603: 416,160 4: 416,160
Att: 7,737 Def: 4,023 Crit: 43 Res: 50 CritDmg: 150%    

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Regular Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.
Normal / Hard Mode Ancient Remnant, Fine Iron Ore, Flaming Ice Crystal, Ice Crystal, Iron Ore, Irukul Fang, Tough Irukul Leather Epic Enhancement Stone
Hero Mode Ancient Remnant, Fine Iron Ore, Flaming Ice Crystal, Ice Crystal, Iron Ore, Irukul Fang, Tough Irukul Leather Epic Enhancement Stone, Gallant Enchant Scroll, Warlord's Enchant Scroll
Break Offs Irukul Tusk

Quest-Only Drops[]

Break Off Tips[]

  • Location: Tusks
    • Number of hits: 20 (4 hits per flinch, 5 times)
    • Tips: Spears, smashes or thrown objects. Pushing the rock slabs from above can trigger an instant flinch or stun Irukul.
    • For Kai, when using Active: Eagle Eye Assault or Magnum, you must have him face toward you in order to get break off hit. Alternatively, for crossgun, when using Active: Hand Bomb, the bombs must be detonated near his tusks.
    • For Vella, it is recommended to fight this battle using chainblades as the skill Active: Frostbite will trigger a flinch.
    • Reward: Irukul Tusk

Battle Skills & Attacks[]

  • Irukul has a charge attack that has very messed up hit-boxes. You can get hit if you are standing too close to his front or hind legs. This attack hits twice if you are in front of him and is pretty readable but very hard to avoid because he tracks where you run and it covers a large distance.
  • Irukul has an Ice Breath attack that is medium range and hits up to 3 times if you are near HIS right tusk (twice immediately and once when he swings his head back) in any other position it will hit once or twice.
  • Irukul has a body slam move where he rears up on his hind legs and falls forward slashing with his left hoof.
  • Irukul has a wide ground sweep attack similar to that of the Red Tyrant. If he is getting attacked from either side of his body he will usually swing back and forth until the attacks cease.
  • Irukul has an attack similar to that of the Red Tyrant where he will leap backwards and cause damage.

Tips & Advice[]

  • There are two phases in this battle:
    • In the first phase, the Raid Party drops down to a long narrow cave where Irukul chases them.
      • The game says that there is not enough fighting space, so you must move through the cave.
      • Irukul is immune to all damage at this point, so fighting it is a terrible idea.
      • Sprinting against the right wall is very helpful because it causes the player to run much faster down the cave as opposed to running down the center itself and Irukul tends to get stuck more on the right wall.
      • The game says to stall it by throwing Spears or Small Bombs at it, especially against its tusks. However, this is NOT RECOMMENDED.
      • Down the long, narrow cave where Irukul is chasing the party, it is best that an Evie uses her summoned golem to stall Irukul. However, the Evie must make sure to un-summon and re-summon the golem from time to time to prevent it from disappearing automatically when the Evie runs out of range, and to control the distance between Irukul, the players, and the ice walls.
      • At some points, there are four walls of Ice. They cannot be destroyed until Irukul "weakens" them, which is when the beast gets close enough for icicles to fall on the ice walls.
    • The second phase is where the real battle begins.
  • Light of Palalas are not as effective.
  • It takes two Chain Hooks to take down Irukul, aimed at two of his four legs.
  • At around two health bars Irukul will begin to get tired, giving your team large openings for attacks.
  • There are two ladders on opposite sides of the arena. Climbing to the top of them, you can push heavy rocks down on Irukul that will stun him for a few seconds. Beware: these rocks can hit teammates and will likely kill them instantly if they do. The camera angle changes when you near the edge to an overhead view, so you can see Irukul and the block. There is a High Wisp at the top on both sides that will keep re-spawning and attacking you. One last note: it's very easy to fall off this area, which will cause heavy damage if you do. Falling on top of Irukul will result in no fall damage.

Additional Notes[]

  • Irukul is considered a violent god by Yetis and worshiped by them. It also means "Ice Mountain" in Yeti. On some occasions, Yetis would take their own Heart and offer it to Irukul.

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