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For the enemy, see Ingkells (Boss).
Ingkells (NPC).png
Lord Ingkells
Original Name Ingkells
Alignment Ortel Castle
Race Human
Occupation Lord of Ortel Castle
Location Mercenary Outpost, Colhen

Ingkells is the lord of Ortel Castle located in Hilder Forest Ruins.

Ingkells is a famed swordsman who is labeled as "Maelstrom" because of his unrivaled skills with a sword, the swings of which produce enough destructive power to blow the enemy (or anything that is caught by the attack) away without leaving a single trace. Ingkells seems to favor Iced Strawberry Brandy.

Bold and opinionated, he is never afraid to speak his mind. He loves to fight and drink, but he can be serious when the situation calls for it. Despite his gruff demeanor, he is warm-hearted and considerate. He is also very picky of people that are squatting or using force to oppress others.

He is also an old friend of Aodhan. Ingkells seems to be concerned about him ever since Aodhan lost his family.

Even the biggest wildfire begins with an ember.
~ 'Ingkells'


He appear for the first time in Extra Episode: Aodhan, when he and his associate, Silberin, retreats to Colhen to find recruits to battle against the invading Trolls.

Spoiler: (Episode 8) Ingkells discovers the truth of the Pontiff's Court: the Prophecy of Goddess Morrighan is a lie. Eventually, the Court learns this and immediately brands Ingkells and all of Ortel Castle a heretic and a traitor, not wanting him to expose this. Knowing that he would not be spared no matter what he said, he creates a potion mixed with Bloody Shade and orders all his troops of Ortel Castle to drink it, transforming into Fomorians to at least go down with a fight.
Soon, the Royal Army learns of Ingkells' "betrayal" and is ordered to slay him. At some point, Aodhan informs the Royal Army Captain (the player) that Ingkells begged him to kill him before the day of the rebellion, but refused. He knows the captain has chosen to finish the deed. After defeating Ingkells in The Central Garden, he quickly regains his senses and recognizes the Captain as the Crimson Blade Rookie who helped him with the Troll issue. He says "even if you kill us all, the Goddess won't come" and they must understand why he "rebelled." After giving them a Catacombs Fragment, he asked for a little more Iced Strawberry Brandy as his last words.

Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • How long have your worked with Aodhan? It seems like Aodhan had a lot of faith in you. If he can trust you then I can too.
  • Before, members of the Ortel Castle were enough to fight against the enemies. But since we sent our reinforcement to Fobellow Prairie, trolls began to act strange and I couldn't help but blame the Pontiff's Court for taking our men. Haha, I'm kidding. I kid.
  • This is where the oracle is. Do you believe the Goddess will come? Oh? Why, I envy you.
  • The thing about alcohol is... Is that it can actually benefit your health if you drink just the right amount. But Silberin won't even let me have a drop.
  • Do you know of any good alcohol? If you find something good, bring it to me. Don't think I'm being selfish. I'll pay you well for it. I don't like taking advantage of others or not giving them the compensation they deserve.
  • The Ortel Castle isn't all beauty. But in my eyes, it is more impressive than anything I've seen. If you get the chance, come visit sometimes. I'll give you a tour.