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The following guide is to present the basics, the skills, the tips, and the tricks for the Vindcitus' 7th character and the 5th male character of the game, Hurk.


Hurk is very unique character and first of the game to able to chain combos indefinitely, which means if he does a 3rd combo he can immediately do 4th combo right after without having to reset. He is also the first character who can use HP in place of STA if he ever runs out, making him further more acceptable in pulling chain combos infinitely without being exhausted. The back side of this is that Hurk's skills uses a lot of STA, so if the players are not wise with it they might find themselves with a very low HP even if the boss hasn't been hurting them.


* - Max later on | ** - Max as soon as possible | *** - Max immediately

Combo Skills

Decimate **

A very simple Left Click [S] + Right Click [D] combo. It does a moderate damage, wide range, and is best at controlling crowd of mobs. The unique feature of this skill is that when it hits a mob it would cause them to be in rag-doll effect and send them flying across the floor.
Tip: In an open edge map (i.e., Ship Graveyard), you can rag-doll enemies literally off the map which would cause a glitch that disfigures their bodies and instantly killing them.

Execute **

One of the top damage dealing combo skill a Hurk posses. A combo of Left-Click [S] x2 + Right-Click [D], it does a very high damage by literally skewering enemies with the giant sword.
Tip: You can pull this combo by pressing smash attack while dashing, or thanks to the skill Relentless, it is also possible by pressing smash after pressing dodge while being idle or after Full Moon. See more at the Relentless

Vortex *

A combo of dash and smash attack. It's pretty much different variant of Massacre which you spin around with your sword for a limited times depending on your rank. It is not the most useful skill as you need to charge from running before you can pull it off while Massacre you can quickly execute it with few clicks. It is not recommended to max it right off; you can also leave it rank F if you wish.

Massacre *

This would be Hurk's equivalent of Lann's Grand Hurricane. A combo of Left-Click [S] x3 + Right-Click [D], you would be spinning your sword two times. You can continuously perform this combo by using Charge/Blockade between each two swings. Though not a very necessity skill as it does a pretty low damage, it is however a decent crowd control if you ever get in a situation being surrounded by hordes of mobs.

Crescent & Full Moon **

This is the highest damaging combo skill a Hurk can offer. It's the combo of max four normal attacks and two smash attacks (one if you are just doing Crescent). Though it's not the fastest skill a Hurk has but it is made up for high damage. This combo does best while doing Onslaught.
Tip: You can quickly achieve crescent by pressing dodge + smash right after Execute.

Deflection & Onslaught ***

A series of special skills that stuns a boss and giving it a three damage multiplied smash attacks. You can pull Delfection by either do an old fashion way to press smash when a boss is trying to attack you, pressing smash after a successful Impenetrable, a.k.a. dodge (consumes 100 sp), or time it right with Ultimatum. After the deflect, for a limited time between each hit, your damage on the smash would be increased by 50%. The damage increase on your smash attack would be on effect for only three smashes with the consumption of 50 sp for each hit.

Active Skills

Active: Judgment **

A skill that can be easily underestimated by players who are new to Hurk. Though it does not do a very high damage but with a max Awakening status you would be doing a lot more damage. A very good thing about this skill is that it has a invulnerability frame, it consumes ZERO sp gauge, and it only has a cooldown of 30 sec. The cooldown can be quickly reset if you interrupt a normal enemy's attack with Blockade or if you successfully deflect a boss.
Tip: This skill can also be used with Onslaught for quick two high damage attacks.

Active: Ultimatum *

A VERY underestimated skill for players even with an experience with Hurk; however, a good veteran knows this skill is very fundamental, not for the damage but for its utility. Not all boss attacks can be easily deflected with the old fashion way or dodge + smash. This, however, is the very easiest way to do a successful deflection. You can time it and it's entire swing has a deflect timer. However, this is also the most expensive way to deflect as you consume entire single sq guage (250 sp)
Tip: This skill can also be chained with smash attacks and it can also cancel any smash animation. Although possible some kind of glitch, there is a slight invincibility during the swing. Meaning it is possible to survive enemies attack without the Impenetrable; it is not 100% guaranteed it would work every time, however.

Active: Execution **

This is THE highest damaging skill a Hurk has in his skill inventory. It can easily get you over 10k damage or even 30k damage if lucky. This skill consumes only two sp gauges (500 sp) but with a cooldown of 2 minutes. The key to this skill is that if you use it with a max Awakening status it would more damage and completely knockdown any bosses. Tip: This needs further testing, but you can stack Execution with Onslaught for even more damage.

Active: Berserk *

A Hurk's very own Slashing High. This skill lets you restore STA for each hits (excluding active skills) you deal on enemies and increase your damage depending on the rank. It consumes 3 sp gauges (750 sp) and has 15 second duration at max and 1 minute cooldown. The duration can be increased with a successful Impenetrable (24 seconds can be added at max).

Active: Terminus **

This is the second highest damage skill on Hurk, each slash being able to do 10k+ damage. But ain't it the four sp gauge ability? So shouldn't have the highest damage? The answer to this question is that this skill is not the most important for the damage but for its ability yo keep bosses in locked for few seconds. During this time, your party member(s) can be dealing damage to the boss for max DPS. Tip: Though many players lack this knowledge as it does not say it on the skill description, you can increase the "stab and hold" animation by pressing grab right as it stabs the boss. While holding, the player would deal extra damages and eventually do the high damage slash. If you release grab as soon as he does that, you can perform another slash dealing even more damage. Read more at the skill page.

Defense Skills

Impenetrable ***

Hurk's dodge lacks invincibility frame; however, it does have a Impenetrable effect which would reduce incoming damage. It is VERY important to max this first as you are still taking damage no matter what and maxing it would significantly reduce the damage.
Tip: The damage reduction can be increased by WIL points. See more at the skill page.

Blockade & Charge **

These two is the Hurk's dodge skill. For Blockade, you press dodge without pressing any directional button then you would charge forward with your shoulder. This charge does do damage and at right timing (indicated by the green lightning bolts above the enemies head) you can interrupt enemies' attack. The Charge, however, is the Blockade minus the damage. This is also the "normal" dodge where you can press the directional keys to move in any direction.
Tip: See Deflection and Active: Judgement.

Revenge ***

Impenetrable is the pain killer while Revenge would be the healing ointment. This skill lets you heal from the damage taken from Impenetrable by attacking an enemy with smash. Revenge status is activated after a successful Impenetrable effect and can be stacked up to 5 times. Each increase in stack would let you deal more damage on the next smash and restore more HP points. This skill is very crucial to max along with Impenetrable.

Relentless & Transcendent ***

These skills are the most fundamental skill that Hurk has.

Working On Progress.