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Holy Wing Half Plate Helmet.png
Holy Wing Half Plate Helmet
Plate Armor, Helm Sell Price 2,500 Gold (Icon).png
119 stones

DEF +618;  STR +99;  AGI +18;  WIL +29;  Critical Resistance +10;   

Restriction (Icon).png
Only for Fiona.
For levels 60 and above.
Rank Plate Armor Proficiency B and above.
Part of Holy Wing Half Plate Set
Set bonus:

• 2: DEF +150, STR +55
• 3: DEF +220, STR +76
• 4: DEF +280, STR +93
• 5: DEF +330, STR+118, AGI +50

Can Be Traded (Icon).png
Can use all forms of trade

Strong-looking plate armor with a feminine style.
The origin of its name is unknown. Some say that the name refers to angelic strength. Others say that the name means that the armor provides one with the strength to defeat an angel.

How to Obtain[]

Dropped by

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