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Hoarfrost Hollow is the second location, that becomes available from the port at Colhen.


Passing through the ruins and the Fobellow Plains and taking a day’s worth walk north, you can see the depths of the Hoarfrost Hollow.

The valleys of Hoarfrost Hollow are covered in ice and snow. Because of the intricate labyrinth made of self-existing and artificially excavated caves, many adventurers lose their lives simply from losing their way out.

This place is the main habitat of kobolds. Recently, however, the reports claim that some people have seen a snow-white huge body, resembling the bear. The latest scouting of the Royal Army there also shows that Fomors have already begun investigating this place. There must be something except for ice and snow that has caught Fomors’ attention. That "something" is yet to be ascertained.

Hoarfrost Hollow is the main source of Ice Crystals, one of the main ingredients for Colhen’s specialty drink - the Iced Strawberry Brandy.

Hoarfrost Hollow Area.png
Hoarfrost Hollow

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