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This page was created in order to help editors by giving them an idea of how things should be formatted and a clearer image of what we're looking for in this Wiki. By following these guidelines, maintaining consistency throughout the site will be much easier for everyone and will, hopefully, decrease the number of questions asked -- as well as any confusion one may encounter.


Please refrain from using profanity on the wiki, unless used within a direct quotation.

  • Example:
    • Uh. You can think of one, yourself.

North American English[]

To avoid conflict, it is recommended that all English on this wiki is written in North American English instead of Queen's English.

  • Example:
    • Favorite, not favourite.
    • Color, not colour.
    • Armor, not Armour

Writing Perspective[]

In order to keep information straight forward and not opinionated, please avoid writing in first-person on content pages. This does not include talk pages!

  • Example:
    • Correct: Players are given 60 minutes to complete the battle.
    • Incorrect: You're given 60 minutes to complete the battle.

Rumors and Unofficial Information[]

All information should come directly from Nexon and Vindictus, rumors are discouraged. This does not apply to future content which comes from the Korean version Mabinogi Heroes.

  • Example:
    • "so i herd dat evie lyks mudkips"
    • Unless Nexon, devCAT, Vindictus, or Mabinogi Heroes states that Evie does, indeed, like the aforementioned Mud Fish Pokemon, you cannot say the above.
      • Actually, you still wouldn't be able to say the above anyway, due to poor grammar and sentence structure.


When using numbers on a page, please make sure they are formatted like this: #,###.

  • Not # ### or ####.
  • Example:
    • Celadon currently has 1,234 tasks for &.
  • Reason:
    • Vindictus itself formats numbers this way and this Wiki is called Vindictus Wiki...


To redirect a page to another page, type the following in the page that's being redirected:

  • #REDIRECT [[page you're redirecting to]]

If a page is being redirected to a category, please format it like this:

  • #REDIRECT [[:Category:pagename]]
    • Note the colon before "Category".


  • Not using the colon before the word "Category" will categorize the page you're redirecting into the category it's redirecting to.


  • Page "Celadon" redirects to "Category:Goddess".
    • The page "Category:Goddess" will contain a link to the page "Celadon" which redirects the user back to "Category:Goddess".
      • You won't get anywhere.

Comments, Talk Pages, and Discussion Pages[]

Sign all comments you make on talk and discussion pages by typing four tildes ( ~~~~ )!

  • Reason:
    • It's tedious going through the page history just to find out who wrote what.
    • It's easier to respond to someone if you know who said it.
  • Example:
    • Celadon posts a comment on the Help:Guidelines discussion page and types ~~~~ at the end of her comment, producing the following:
    • Celadontalk 03:09, 10 October 2010 (UTC)


Only upload high-quality images!

  • The preferred method of screenshotting an item is to go to the Marketplace Message Board, hover the mouse over the item, then screenshot the popup description. The popup description window contains all the information needed for an item page, as well as a 40x40 icon to crop out and upload. Item icons may have color, but all weapon and armor (excludes accessories and belts) icons must be grayscale. Grayscale icons can be found in crafting/recipe windows and at the Marketplace Message Board.

Please refer to the Naming Image Files section for guidelines in regards to naming.

  • Example:
    • An example of an acceptable image file can be found here and here.
  • Reason:
    • Nedigo will delete your images if you don't follow this guideline, so follow it.

Please upload images as .PNG files. If a file is really big, you may upload it as a .JPG / .JPEG file.

  • Reason:
    • PNG files typically compress better than GIF files.
    • Transparency!
    • Nedigo and Sekuiya like it.

Use only grayscale icons for weapons and armor unless a grayscale icon is impossible to find. Item icons may be in color.

Naming Image Files[]


Item icons must be in a Item Icons Category!

  • Add the following to the file page in order to add it to the category:
[[Category:Item Icons ()]]

Inside of the parentheses, put where the item came from (S1, S2, Event, Avatar [if from avatar shop], Cash [if from Supply Depot]).

Equipment Icons

Equipment icons must be in an Equipment Icons category!

  • Add the following to the file page in order to add it to the category:
[[Category:Equipment Icons ()]]

Inside of the parentheses, put where the item came from (S1, S2, Event, Avatar [if from avatar shop], Cash [if from Supply Depot]).

Supply Depot Icons

Supply Depot icons must be in Category:Item Icons (Cash)!

  • Add the following to the file page in order to add it to the category:
[[Category:Item Icons (Cash)]]

Avatar Shop Icons

Avatar Shop icons must be in Category:Item Icons (Avatar)!

  • Add the following to the file page in order to add it to the category:
[[Category:Item Icons (Avatar)]]

Skill Icons

Add (Skill) to the end of the name.

Skill icons must be in Category:Skill Icons!

  • Add the following to the file page in order to add it to the category:
[[Category:Skill Icons]]

NPC Images[]

NPC Portraits
NPC portraits are rendered images of NPCs as they appear when you're chatting with them. All NPC portraits must be suffixed with (NPC).

NPC Icons
NPC icons are the icons seen above the dialogue box, as well as when you click their name in the story window. Please use the icons you see when clicking on their name in the story window. All NPC icons must be suffixed with (NPC Icon).

  • Example:

NPC Battle Icons
NPC Battle Icons are the 95x95 icons you see when you view Battle Info. NPC battle icons must be suffixed with (Battle Icon).

All NPC images must be in Category:NPC Images!

  • Add the following to the file page in order to add it to the category:
[[Category:NPC Images]]

Equipment Screenshots[]

File Type
Important! Equipment Images must be .png. Other file types (including .jpg) will not be displayed.
Saving Screenshots as .png:

  • Vindictus saves screenshots in .jpg format. To save your screenshots as .png, the easiest method is to download an external program that will save screenshots as .png automatically. Two free programs that can do this are Fraps and Afterburner.
  • If you do not wish to use an external program, you may manually save your screenshots as .png. To do so, open Paint. After taking a screenshot in game, paste it (ctrl+v) into Paint. Crop the image. Then go into the menu and select "Save as" -> "PNG picture".

Converting .jpg to .png

  • Though it is preferred that screenshots be saved as .png originally, you may convert a .jpg to .png in order to upload it. To do so, open the image in Paint. Crop the image if you have not already done so. Then go into the menu and select "Save as" -> "PNG picture".

Any screenshot is better than no screenshot, but if screenshots do not fit these guidelines they will be replaced as soon as is possible.

  • Screenshots must be taken in the Avatar Shop or Dye Shop .
  • The character must be wearing only the equipment necessary. (For example: if taking a screenshot for the page Shortsword, have only a Shortsword equipped.)
  • Use the highest in game graphical settings possible.
  • Crop excess dead space.
  • Larger images are preferred to smaller ones. While there is no specific size required, smaller images may be replaced with larger ones.
  • Please repair equipment before taking the screenshot
  • Equipment images must be placed in an Equipment Images category
When uploading an image, the following code should be pasted into the image summary to add it to the category. To add an already existing image to the category, edit the page and paste the same code into the edit box.
[[Category:<Character> Equipment Images ()]]

Do not place <Character>, place the characters name (Evie, Fiona, Kai, Karok, Lann, Vella)

Sceenshots of hair, inner armor and other avatar shop items should be categorized as Avatar Shop Images.
[[Category:Avatar Shop Images]]

The following poses are strongly suggested to promote consistency throughout the wiki. The poses have been carefully chosen to display most equipment optimally. However, different poses may be allowed at the uploaders' discretion if they feel that a different pose can display a particular piece of equipment better.

Tips for better screenshots

  • For different pieces of equipment, different views should be used for the screenshots.
    • Helms: Shoulders and up.
    • Tunics: Full body
    • Gloves: Full body
    • Pants: Full body
    • Boots: Waist and below (Knees and below if shoes are small)
    • Weapons: Full body
  • If there is a clipping issue, try adjusting the left/right slider. That adjustment will usually fix any clipping issues. If the piece is being obnoxious with clipping, you may choose a different pose.
  • In the avatar shop, all aspects of a character may be freely changed.
    • To change items found in the "Skin" tab, select "Purchase Coupon" on the Skin tab, and select "Yes" to the notice that pops up.
      • This allows you to change a character's height, which is particularly useful for screenshots of Karok. Make Karok the shortest height in order to include as much of him as possible.
        • For Karok, while in Expression 1, you can use the Num Lock key to cause him to slide in the direction he is facing in order to get a better image of him if his height is still a problem.
    • Long or large hair that is blocking parts of the equipment piece(s) should be changed to something less intrusive.
    • Feel free to pick any inner of your choice if you only have the default.


Gallery Help

Image galleries can be found on Enemy, Set, and Equipment pages. To add your own image to a gallery,

  1. Upload your image, and paste the following code in the summary box:
[[Category:Gallery Images]]
  1. Edit the gallery page (PAGENAME/Gallery, or click on the link provided).
To add your image, paste the full file name on a new line.
File:Another Image.jpeg
To comment your image, place a pipe character ( | ) at the end of the image path, and add your comment after that.
File:Example.jpg|Comment goes here!

Gallery Guidelines

  • Gallery images may be any file type allowed by the wiki. Allowed file types are listed on the Upload Page.
  • New images should be placed at the end of the list. This is to prevent disagreements over image placement within galleries.
  • It is advisable to crop excess space from images before uploading. This improves presentation.


  • Do not add comments to other Editor's images.
  • Comments should be descriptive in nature, not journalistic.
    • Example: Allowed Comments
      • Blue dye ampoules used, other colors came from dye shop.
      • Mixed with Ingkells Set pieces (gloves, legs, helm), and Chiulin Boots.
    • Example: Unallowed Comment
      • This is my set it took me sooooo long to get but it was worth it doesn't it look sick? :DD
      • My picture looks better than all the other pictures.


Rather than typing or copy-and-pasting the same code over and over again, we have templates. Users typically get to do whatever they want in regards to making templates, but please ask yourself the following questions when making templates:

  • Is it easy to understand?
    • Will other editors be able to understand your template(s) and its variable(s)? Do you understand it?!
  • How useful is the template you're making?
    • Is your template ever going to be used? Does it serve any real purpose? As much as we appreciate your effort, making templates for no reason will just waste your time, as well as our space.

If you're unsure about something in regards to your template, feel free ask other editors, as well as the Wiki Team!


The following colors are acceptable for template usage:

#050000 #19110C #3D2418
#EFE0AE #A55858 #302219

There following are text colors from the game that may sometimes be used as well:

#FFE788 #70F680 #81A7FD #A280CE #FE76AC