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Heavenly Leather.png
Heavenly Leather
Sell Price 60 Gold (Icon).png
A piece of heavenly leather that's even better than Exquisite Leather.
Obtained in dungeons.
Can Be Traded (Icon).png
Can use all forms of trade

How to Obtain

Crafted by Crafted by npc::Brakis or Crafted by npc::Ferghus after the battle quest Unlock battle::Rocheste by Sea

Fee: 3,000 Gold (Icon).png
Superior Leather.png  Exquisite Leather x 5
Spirit Remnant.png  Spirit Remnant x 2
Fire Spirit Remnant.png  Fire Spirit Remnant x 2
Terra Spirit Remnant.png  Terra Spirit Remnant x 2
Ice Spirit Remnant.png  Ice Spirit Remnant x 2
Life Spirit Remnant.png  Life Spirit Remnant x 2